10 Gift Ideas for Female Advisory Clients

Whether it’s her birthday, anniversary or Mother’s Day, giving a small gift to your female advisory clients ultimately helps advisors deepen relationships. The most important part of the process is to let her know you’re thinking of her.

Therefore, here are 10 ideas for financial advisors that won’t get you into regulatory hot water, and are easy to purchase and distribute.

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10 Gift Ideas for Female Advisory Clients


#1 – Virgin Olive Oil – Most affluent women understand that virgin olive oil is good for them and their family.

#2 – Flavored Teas – Perhaps she doesn’t drink tea. Still, her friends and family may.

#3 – Note Cards – Every woman at some point in her life needs to mail a special note.

#4 – Fruit Basket – To walk through her kitchen and merely reach out for a strawberry, ah, the joy.

#5 – Wine – Most women drink wine, and she has a preference. It’s either red or white. Know which before you hand it over.

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#6 – Sweatshirt from Her Alma Mater – How cool to receive a fresh item from a place where she spent so much time long ago.

#7 – Motivational Book – (#CommissionsEarned) I enjoyed Waking Up in Winter: In Search of What Really Matters at Midlife by Cheryl Richardson. Cheryl helps women push past what they should be doing to what they want to be doing.

#8 – Fresh Flowers – I suggest you not send roses. Instead, leave those up to her significant other and choose another friendly flower.

#9 – Spa Gift Card – A massage, a facial; give her a brief moment to herself.

#10 – Cooking Class – Middle-aged women often struggle with their friendships, questioning the quality. A fun class is a safe segue for her to explore new relationships.

Key Female Client Gift Giving Tip

Don’t send gifts to her office. Some women are private and don’t want others to know about events they may be celebrating, i.e., a birthday.

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