10 Questions to Gauge Advisory Client Perceptions

When was the last time you considered how clients perceive you and the outcomes stemming from these perceptions?

Without accurate information to base our decisions upon, our day-to-day business growth efforts will be inefficient. Therefore, before starting any new long-term initiative, first capture a clear understanding of your clients’ perceptions regarding your current situation.

For example, here’s a simple list of probing questions to ask clients in order to determine whether they view you the way you want to be viewed:


Financial Advisor Client Perception Questions


#1 — What questions do you wish I’d ask?

#2 — Are there things about me that surprise you?

#3 — What is my niche expertise?

#4 — What image do I project?

#5 — What are my values?

#6 — Are there any services you’re surprised I do or don’t offer?

#7 — Where do I lack knowledge?

#8 — When you mention me to others, what do you say?

#9 — If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?

#10 — Why do you continue to work with me?


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Vehicle for Capturing Client Perception Feedback

A straightforward way to collect the above information is to use a digital survey such as SurveyMonkey or your current marketing automation software. To obtain honest client feedback, ensure that the survey is anonymous. Privacy increases the likelihood they’ll answer openly, providing you accurate information for decision-making.


Email Subject Lines that Encourage Participation

Your survey’s email subject line is a pivotal step for encouraging participation. To increase participation, try something similar to these:

  • Brief Survey for ABC Private Wealth Clients (confidential)
  • 2-Minute Survey for ABC Financial Clients (refining our services)
  • Refining Our Services (2-minute client survey)
  • Appreciate Your Quick Feedback*

Overall, if there is any question about who the email is from (from your client’s point-of-view), include your DBA in the subject line. Furthermore, upon opening the email body and/or survey, provide a brief welcome, state the goal of the survey, reinforce that the survey is confidential and then thank them in advance for their time.

*Use this approach only if the recipient knows you well.


In Closing

Finally, if you’re looking to increase referrals, try this open-ended question at the end of the survey, “What can I do to help you feel fully at-ease in referring me to your friends, family and associates?”


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