21 Good Excuses to Get Off the Phone with a Friend or Client

21 Good Excuses to Get Off the Phone with a Friend or Client

Legitimate Excuses to Get off the Phone When Working from Home

Whether you’re looking to end a phone call with a friend, family member, boss or client, you’ll find my 21 excuses especially helpful.

Quick Story About My Excuses

For the past 17 years, I’ve been working from home as a marketing communications consultant. As you can imagine, there have been numerous awkward moments that demanded I get off the phone. Most of these situations were caused by my children or an elderly dog who needed to empty his bladder — pronto. Therefore, I’ve become quite savvy at drumming up valid excuses to get off the phone.

The key is to sound natural, thus professional; or, in the case with friends, sincere.

Therefore, to help you end calls with class, I’ve compiled a handy list of excuses you can use the next time you’re on the phone with a client, salesperson, mother-in-law, sister, whoever it is that you immediately need to get off the phone with for whatever reason.

Special Note:

Am I suggesting you lie? Certainly not … 🙂 Still, the wacky situations that arise while working from home are endless, e.g., dinner is burning, preteens are tearing it up outside your window, the washing machine is thumping because it’s overloaded, or maybe your significant other starts vacuuming right outside your office door.

The reality is, we often begin a phone call with great intentions and then something happens unexpectedly in the background. Or, we simply don’t want to speak with the person any longer because they lack listening skills.

Working from home isn’t always a bed of roses. Frankly, my greatest pet peeve is all the interruptions by my family. Ironically, the reason I work from home is to be more accessible to them.

How to End a Phone Conversation Quickly

Without any further ado, here is my list of 21 Legitimate Excuses to End Phone Calls.

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#1 — School nurse calling

#2 — Upcoming conference call

#3 — Heard a loud scream or bang

Good Excuses to Get off the Phone

#4 — Inspect a large delivery before signing

#5 — Leave for a meeting

#6 — Get my child from school, camp, practice, etc.

#7 — Leave for my close friend’s mother’s funeral

#8 — Police car in the driveway

#9 — Large wasp flying around my office

#10 — Someone walking up the driveway

#11 — Teenager texting obscure message

#12 — Doctor’s appointment

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#13 — Baby just woke up

#14 — Mother Nature calling

#15 — Girl Scout selling cookies

#16 — Pediatrician returning my call

#17 — Smell something burning

#18 — Local politician at the door with a yard sign

Excuses to End Phone Conversations

#19 — Coffee or tea spill

#20 — Dash to the bus stop

#21 — Battery is dying. Internet not working. SIMPLY HANG UP

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Excuses to Get Off the Phone

How about you? What legitimate excuses have you used to end a phone call? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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