Hair Salon Sign Ideas

Are you a salon owner or hairstylist looking for beauty or hair salon sign ideas?

Perhaps you’re seeking to increase your salon’s walk-in foot traffic or draw more attention from commuters. Then check out my two videos that describe cost-effective and straightforward salon sign ideas and strategies.

What’s more, below you’ll find recommended outdoor sign frames and a list of fun sign decorating ideas to spice them up!

VIDEO – Part I (above):
How to Choose a Sign Holder or Frame

VIDEO – Part II (below):
How to Create Effective Hair Salon Sign Copy

Next, I’ve chosen a handful of recommended roadside reader boards.

My selection (located at the bottom of this page) is based on the product reviews and each sign’s functionality. Note, I’m an Amazon Associate.

I realize the following sign frames aren’t very glamorous, particularly for hair salons and spas. HOWEVER, a fun approach to jazz up these frames is to wrap various hair salon, seasonal or other elements around them.

Try These Fun Decorating Sign Ideas:

  • Colorful scarfs
  • Seasonal or holiday decorations, i.e., Halloween, Christmas, spring, fall, etc.
  • Balloons and streamers
  • Plastic/play scissors
  • Gorgeous artificial flowers
  • Arched trellis (signboard placed underneath)
  • Professional sports themes, e.g., Decorate a frame with your clients’ favorite team jersey and related gear, such as: football, hockey stick, bat/glove/cleats, etc.

Sign Ideas Hair Salons

Also, try attaching products to the frame, e.g., hairspray, shampoo, hair extensions, etc. **Imagine how eye-catching this approach would be to passersby!**

These sign decorating ideas can be used to enhance the visibility of any graphic, including posters and other displays inside your salon.

Finally, Consider the Following 2 Important Hair Salon Sign Concepts:

#1 — After a while, vehicle and foot traffic will become blind to your road sign. To minimize this happening, change your sign copy no less than weekly. When you do, passersby will proactively check your sign, motivated by the knowledge that you change your offers frequently.

#2 — Bring your sign indoors every night. A roadside reader board is an important and substantial investment for any small business owner. Don’t let it walk away.

P.S. When you can’t think of copy to put on your sign…use it to promote a nonprofit message, i.e., Make a Difference TODAY; Donate Blood!

Consider using this approach once a month, positioning your brand as community-minded. Your nonprofit message could change monthly. Most vital, is to promote what’s important to your customers, e.g., Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), Backpacks for Kids, etc.

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Thanks for watching, reading, sharing & commenting.

~ Sharron

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