How Advisors Can Create More Memorable Content that Attracts Wealthy Investors

Are you a financial advisor or financial marketing professional seeking to make your website content more memorable, ultimately attracting affluent investors?

It’s likely you’re already producing great content.

But, is it memorable?

Many of us are so focused on producing original content, we often forget that none of this means anything if our content isn’t memorable, i.e., actionable.

Key Point:

If you remember anything from this post, remember this: add “memorable” to your content production checklist.


Test Your Content’s Recall by Asking This One Question:

If a wealthy wife reads your blog post, can she easily explain your concepts to her partner over dinner two hours later?

It’s likely not.

According to the Learning Pyramid research, website visitors only retain approximately 10% of what they read.


Try These 2 Tactics to Create More Memorable Content:

#1 – Determine ahead of time what 10% of your content you want readers to recollect.

In reality, it’s easy to make your content more memorable by spending just a few minutes planning ahead. Are you discussing this 10% during your content marketing planning meetings? Are you even thinking about the word “memorable” as you write?

Make the 10% Content Easy to Remember

The 10% could be as simple as a visual, overview paragraph or summary bullets at the start of your post. No matter your approach, it should encapsulate your communication’s key message.


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#2 – Boost content recall by using alliteration, i.e., sound repetition.

Alliteration is a writing tool that makes content more memorable, smooth and sometimes fun.

Specifically, alliteration is when you combine two or more words together starting with the same letter, e.g., big business benefits, or two words whose first letters sound the same, e.g., phenomenal fish.

For future financial executive communications, financial blog posts, etc., use the following word combinations, strengthening your message’s recall via rhythm.

 (They’re in alphabetical order so you can quickly find the sound you need.)


Available Advisor

Accurate Advice

Ample Allocation

Authentic Advisor

Autonomous Advice

Bad Budget

Bank Balance

Bargain Basement Bonds

Believable Bottom-line

Better Business Brokers

Big Business Benefits

Bounce Back

Building Bridges

Capital Composition

Captivating Cash

Careful Consideration

Careless Credit

Cascading Consequences

Catapult Careers

Catastrophic Costs

Catatonic Conditions

Challenging Changing Conditions

Chasing Commissions

Clear Calculations

Client-Centric Culture

Common Challenges

Create Change

Critical Capacity Constraints

Complete Confidence

Complicated Choices

Compromising Conditions

Confident Consumer

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Confronting Challenge

Conscious Choices

Consistent Clients

Constant Complainer

Consumer Confusion

Contingent Choices

Copious Commodities

Core Competency

Course Correcting

Cruel Characteristics

Crippling Career Changes

Crucial Client Communications

Crumbling Courage

Cultivating Compassionate Communities

Currency Collapse

Customer Centric Content

Daily Deals

Dangerous Debt

Daring Demands

Deserving Daydreamer

Deep Dive

Deficient Due Diligence

Daunting Delicate Discussion

Desirable Deductions

Devastating Deadly Diagnosis

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Difficult Dips

Difficult Diplomatic Dilemma

Double Digit Declines

Dodging Death

Dominant Dynasty

Dramatic Distribution Differences

Economic Elation

Effective Enterprise Ecosystems

Elevator Encounters

Erratic Economist

Eminent Entity

Empty Expectations

Engineered Effect

Equal Equity

Exhaustive Execution

Exhilarating Events

Expand Exponentially

Extravagant Executive

Exuberant Expenses

Famous Family

Fast Foreclosure

Faulty Fractions

Fiduciary Flaws

Financial Feat

Financial Footprint

Financially Free

Foolish Forecast

Fragile Finances

Friendly Family

Frighteningly Fast

Fully Forthcoming

Fun Funds

Garish Gold

Graciously Gentle

Great Gadgets

Growing Gradually

Hard Holdings

Hardy Habits

Hazardous Hedging

Healthy Hobbies

Hit Hardest

Hyped Happiness

Inconsistent Income

Ideal Investment

Impartial Inflation

Intentionally Instilled

Infinite Investing Idealisms

Joyful Journaling Journey

Jobs Jackpot

Joint Jinx

Just Judgement

Leveraging Lasting Leadership

Light Load

Lingering Lows

Live Large

Loan Lock

Loving Legacy

Lucky Lifestyle

Luxury Living

Magnificent Moment

Market Mercy

Massive Mistake

Meager Margins

Memorable Merchandise

Meaningful Moments

Million Motives

Money Myth

Multiple Manufacturing Methods

Nagging Negative Numbers

Nice Notary

Nominal Noise

Numerous Negotiations

Objectionable Outcomes

Observant Observation

Occasional Objectivity

Obsolete Operations

Obscure Occurrences

Outstanding Opportunistic Opportunity

Okay Offer

Open Office

Oceanfront Oasis

Parallel Puzzles

Partial Payoff

Passionate People

Patient Parent

Perceived Prices

Periodic Payments

Persuading Pitch

Petty Perspective

Philosophical Problems

Pinched Profits

Poor Performance

Precarious Position

Preconceived Perceptions

Predictable Pattern

Predominately Preposterous Pricing

Pressing Problem

Prestigious Promotion

Pricing Power

Principled Preparation

Procedural Precedent

Producing Profitable Products

Product Positioning

Provoking Penny Pincher

Purely Profitable Private Practice

Prickly Prospects

Principled Person

Prohibited Profits

Purposeful Principles

Qualified Quarterback

Quick Quarter

Queasy Qualities

Qualitative Questions

Radical Returns

Rapid Reduction

Rarely Reliable Results

Realistic Recovery

Real Relationships

Reliable Receivables

Reflective Response

Radically Rethinking Rates

Rich Relatives

Rigid Rules

Restricted Resources

Ruthless Restrictions

Seismic Shifts

Sick Secrets

Simply Surviving

Soaring Sales

Sparking Suspicions

Shaky Stakes, Shares and Stocks

Standing Still

Strategic Shifts

Steep Stocks

Stockpiling Savings

Stormy Situation (see eBook: Weather Marketing Ideas)

Strong Signal

Successful Scheme

Suddenly Struck

Several Sustainable Solutions

Subsidized Stakes

Systematized Structure

Tailored Training

Tantalizing Timing

Tech Talent

Technology Trap

Terrific Trends

Timely Talk

Trusted Trader

Trying Taxes

Unallocated Units

Unintended Upshot

Unlimited Uses

Ultimately Unattainable

Unfortunate Underwriting

Vain Venture

Variable Velocity

Vexing Valuation

Vivid Voice

Virtuous Vices

Visible Value

Weak Week

Wide Window

Wild Wages

Wise Wealth

Wholesome Wisdom

Wonderful Willpower

Worldly Wits

Worrisome Widow

Candidly, X-word combinations are tricky. 


Xanthic (yellowish) Xebec (small ship)

Xmas Xenium (a present)

Year-end Yearnings

Yellow Yacht

Youngest Yea-sayer

Yucky Yields

Zany Zoomies

Zigzag Zoning

Zealot Zodiac

Zany Zillionaire


In Summary

Competition for wealthy investors is fierce among independent financial advisors and financial advisory firms.

Therefore, it’s imperative every piece of marketing content you produce be memorable, i.e., if your reader can’t recollect what you wrote, why bother?


Before You Go

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To consistently produce actionable content, e.g., a prospect contacts you, add “memorable” to your content production checklist.


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