How to Find New Clients as a Financial Advisor This Summer

Summer presents unique in-person opportunities for financial advisors to expand their client base.

With individual investors’ schedules often more flexible and a generally positive mindset associated with the season, summer is an ideal time to focus on acquiring new advisory and planning clients.

By using the below key strategy, financial advisors, planners and other financial professionals can enhance their visibility, build trust and attract new clients.

I conclude this post by highlighting comments advisors can make that often prompt individuals to ask:

“What do you do?”


How Financial Advisors Can Get More Clients This Summer


Key Strategy: Meet Clients Outside of Their Daily Routines

When wealthy investors get out of their daily routines, it’s easier for financial professionals to access these individuals (emotionally), ultimately expediting relationship building.

Said differently, focus your business development efforts during times when investors are NOT distracted, i.e., they’re relaxed with no immediate pressures or responsibilities.

Summer provides ample opportunity for this vibe.


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For Example:

You can find more advisory clients by attending casual venues, such as during a dive excursion, fishing charter, harbor tour, multi-day yacht cruise, sunset cruise, whale watch or similar.

Guests on these vessels are not in a hurry.

They’re also likely relaxed and, therefore, open to interesting conversations and meeting new people—like you!

It goes without saying, the more expensive the experience, the more wealth participants probably have.


To Get More Clients as a Financial Advisor, This Next Step Is Critical…

While you’re interacting in the above situations, it’s important to have your short (20-second) elevator pitch ready when a relaxed wealthy female or other asks you, “What do you do?”

Your response should be natural and unscripted. Also, always have business cards with you (it’s generally expected).


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Selecting Events to Attend

There are endless summer activities to choose from. Therefore, focus on ones requiring extra time, e.g., art exhibitions, charity galas, fashion shows, hiking, polo matches, retreats, etc. is a great resource for finding individuals interested in: hiking, cigars, gardening talks/tours, golf drop-ins and more. Choose venues where you can easily interact with others without having to yell. Also, consider starting your own Meetup group based on one of your passions that’s conducive to easy conversation.

Finally, make sure your chosen activity matches your target audience’s ideal demographic and psychographic traits.

For example, if you’re targeting affluent women, then attending wine tastings, charity events, yoga retreats, sailing activities and similar gatherings can help you establish valuable connections.



Also Critical

Consider going alone when you attend these experiences. In reality, when you’re with someone, it often reduces interaction with others, i.e., potential prospects watching you talk with your friend, husband, wife, etc., won’t likely approach you.



Easy Ways to Start Conversations

Using the boat activities above, here are simple starter comments to get a conversation going with fellow passengers:


Wow, that was unbelievable! I’ve never seen anything like it, have you? (e.g., whale jumping out of the water)

Did you see that? (e.g., nurse shark under coral reef during dive)

That’s stunning, have you seen anything like it before? (e.g., purple sunset)



Here’s another excellent conversation starter:

“One of my clients saw a [insert something] during his last dive/whale watch, etc.”

This comment begs the obvious question, “What do you do?” Use it sparingly and only once the conversation is established.


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In Conclusion

Finally, when seeking new advisory clients–talk less. Good listeners are hard to come by, yet many people are desperate to be heard.

Listen, ask clarifying questions and provide reflective responses indicating you understand the individual, ultimately helping you create strong connections with prospective clients.

Lastly, when you’ve made a connection but the individual isn’t ready to meet with you, invite them to receive your monthly email newsletter and/or connect on LinkedIn.


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