Increase Investor Email Response Rates

I’ve had two recent shopping experiences that can be adapted to help financial advisors increase investor email response rates.

For this post, I focus on how advisors can improve email engagement through email newsletters. I also provide examples of calls-to-action that’ll likely pull well for you.

Finally, I highlight a specific phrase that led me to purchase an item, despite my earlier commitment not to do so.

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2 Strategies to Increase Investor Email Response Rates



My first experience was with Amazon. There were three sellers of the product I wanted. The prices were essentially the same. However, one was able to deliver it to me that day. I chose the latter and enjoyed my product that evening.

Adapting this Strategy for Financial Advisors:

When distributing your next email newsletter, include a call-to-action (CTA) that specifies how to schedule an appointment with you today, tomorrow and the next day.

What’s most important is for the scheduling process to be automatic and immediate, void of your involvement. The ability to “self-schedule” (e.g., using Calendly or similar) ultimately increases investor email reply rates for two reasons:

#1 — Prospects can take immediate action, since your schedule is tangible, current and readily available.

#2 — Prospects can take action when they’re ready, i.e., you sent your email on Thursday, but your prospect didn’t open it until Saturday.


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Call-to-Action Example:

“There are several time slots available today, tomorrow and Friday for you to speak with us regarding your financial planning needs. Click through to our live calendar and select a time that’s convenient for you. Both 30-minute and 45-minute appointments are available. There’s no charge for this appointment, nor any obligation. Our goal is to answer your questions regarding your financial situation as well as questions you may have about doing business with us.”

Ultimately, by using an automated calendar, you reduce friction typically created by back-and-forth emails. Also, you’re leveraging timing, i.e., you never know when a longtime reader is ready to speak with you.

As an aside, your scheduling process copy should answer all prospect questions.

For Example:

“An experienced advisor will call you at your desired day and time at the number you specified. We look forward to building a relationship with you and helping you achieve your financial goals.”


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I received an email from Robert Glazer, author of the weekly leadership e-newsletter Friday Forward. The email was promoting his new book, Elevate: Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others.

I’m a fan of his writing and find his strategies motivating and thought-provoking. Still, I already have a stack of books waiting to be read. I’ve also promised myself that I would finish the stack before buying another book.


One phrase within his email drew me in:

“Takes about one hour to read.”

That’s it?!

Click, click.

I now own his book. (Excellent, easy read. I highly recommend it.)


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Adapting this Strategy for Financial Advisors:

To increase investor email replies, incorporate time concepts. The key is to add tangibility to time.

Here are two examples:

#1 — “Increase confidence regarding your financial decisions. Use my automated calendar to schedule an appointment with me at a time that suits you best. The scheduling process takes less than 30 seconds.”

#2 — “In roughly 60 minutes, about the time it takes to enjoy a leisurely lunch with a friend or a good workout, you’ll gain greater confidence in your financial decisions. Schedule your complimentary consultation now.”



In Closing

When you have an excellent shopping experience or are spurred to purchase something, pay close attention to the underlying marketing strategy, including copy, tone, communication vehicle, etc. Almost always, it can be retrofitted to promote your financial practice.



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