Is Your Advisory Website Copy Gender and Genderless Marketing Diversified

Many financial services firms are doing a nice job maintaining a professional website and social presence.

However, most are overlooking the impact of gender and genderless diversification within their marketing copy.

For Example:

Are you unconsciously communicating with one gender more than another, ultimately isolating prospects?

Or, are you effectively communicating in order to retain assets transitioning to younger generations, those that in particular prefer genderless marketing?

Male & Female

Often when facilitating a website review for an advisor, I find their marketing copy tends to speak to one gender more than another.

Therefore, when you add content to your website, be sure to speak to male and female readers equally. Unless, of course, you’re targeting a specific gender, personal gender pronoun or lifestyle. You can either write “him/her,” or vary your content overall using the pronoun “she” in this month’s blog post and “he” the following month. In many cases, you can use “they.”

Overall, emphasize the word “you” whenever possible. This is the most effective way to personalize your copy. In addition, you can add content that speaks specifically to either audience, rotating bimonthly. For example: 3 Social Security Strategies Recent Widows Need to Know.


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Transgender, Gender Identity & Gender Expression

Consumption preferences are changing among younger generations.

While members of Generation Z have very little assets today, according to a McKinsey & Company survey they have particular consumption preferences including a desire for genderless marketing. Therefore, how do you intend to evolve your marketing communications approach to accommodate this generation?

To begin, formulate a strategy within your business and marketing development plans to include messaging regarding diversity and inclusion. Start with dedicating a web page addressing your philosophy, including employee recruiting efforts and community involvement. Be specific, ultimately boosting credibility.

Also, younger generations are looking for brands such as yours to take a stance. For example, part of your diversity and inclusion efforts could include editorials supporting the continued protection of LGBTQ health care benefits, etc.

Genderless Marketing Financial Advisory Firms

Retaining Generational Assets Through Genderless Marketing

Individuals with a genderless value set will impact an advisor’s ability to retain assets from one generation to another.

Therefore, what is your plan to understand younger generations, specifically Millennials and Gen Zs, and how they interpret your communications? Do you draw them in with your expressed values or deter them?

For Example:

Suppose you’re hosting a client appreciation event and invite your clients’ young adult children. Do your communications align with their genderless value set?

Or, as you review your blog posts from the past 12 months, have you addressed financial considerations impacting the LGBTQ community? Whether you have or haven’t, is your content focus, or lack thereof, representing the values you want to project to your greater community?

To more effectively communicate your firm’s diversity and inclusion values, arm yourself with information.

I recommend starting with the following helpful resources:

– American Psychological Association article: Transgender People, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

– Human Rights Campaign® article: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Definitions. Overall, their website is extremely informative in helping to understand LGBTQ community values.

– The University of Wisconsin offers a nice summary of gender pronouns.

In Conclusion

Genderless marketing is a vital topic for your next board meeting. While you may believe your firm has a professional digital presence, the key question is: Does it accommodate the next generation’s, therefore enabling you to retain assets during generational transitions?

If you need help, I provide Gender Perspective Diversification website reviews for financial services firms, including RIAs, broker-dealers, solo-advisors and others. Find more details here.

I’ll leave you with this one last thought…

Could diversity and inclusion be your next competitive advantage?

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