How Financial Advisors Can Make Emotional Connections With Wealthy People

5 Content Examples That Help Financial Professionals Deepen Emotional Connections With Clients

Many financial advisors and other wealth professionals believe they need to write exclusively about money matters in order to exhibit financial expertise, build trust and attract wealthy clients.

I disagree.

In fact, if money-related content conversations are the only ones you’re having with prospects, you’re missing out on topics that tug at your prospects’ personal aspirations beyond financial well-being.

Certainly, writing about financial issues makes sense given your expertise. However, restricting your marketing content solely to financial subject matters builds an intangible wall between you and your prospects. On one side is your financial knowledge, the key reason why an investor needs your services. However, on the other side are your prospects’ personal and oftentimes private aspirations.

When you blend your expertise with a prospect’s desire within your marketing communications, the individual will be more drawn to you because you’re addressing the very thing that drives them or keeps them awake at night. This creates a feeling of mutual understanding, which translates into a deeper connection.

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Let me explain…

It’s professional to write about such things as: Are Your Alternative Investments Actually Improving Risk-Return OR Impact of Social Security on Spouses, and so on.

However, keep in mind that if individuals truly possess wealth, their minds are free to go beyond money matters. Whereas, those who have very little assets think about money all the time.

Don’t get me wrong.

Wealthy people want and need to know about estate and trust planning, tax-deferred strategies, business succession planning, and so on. Your competitors know this as well. However, they’re falling short in building conversations that appeal emotionally to their prospects, creating an opportunity for you to differentiate your financial practice.

Topic Ideas That Lead to Emotional Connections

What follows are suggested blog and article topics that’ll help you make an emotional connection with people who have means. What’s more, if you’re not convinced about my approach, then consider this concept when introducing non-financial topics for your readers:

Building, conserving and distributing wealth is our firm’s mainstay. However, our job is not complete without also helping you accomplish your goals that extend beyond your wealth, including goals of happiness.

5 Content Examples That Build Emotional Connections


Headline: 3 Steps to Raising Philanthropic Children

Intro: Over the years you’ve been contributing resources to organizations you care deeply about. Perhaps you’ve shared your special journey with your children. Yet, your excitement and experiences of fulfillment often fall on deaf ears. If you’re seeking to instill a humanitarian attitude within your children, ultimately making a greater impact on the world by raising inherently philanthropic children, consider these three steps…


Headline: How to Reconnect With Adult Children

Intro: You’ve done a good job raising your children. But, for whatever reason, you don’t hear from them very often. If you’re looking to make deeper connections with your adult children, try these three guilt-free communication approaches…


Headline: Maintaining Relationships With Unpleasant Family Members

Intro: While you may be managing your relationships effectively throughout the year, holidays tend to expose us to have-to relationships, such as your know-it-all brother or mother-in-law boasting about their most recent accomplishment or acquisition. Try these three polite maneuvers the next time someone with low emotional intelligence crosses your path…


Headline: Raising Responsible Children When Money Is Plentiful

Intro: Working hard, delaying gratification and making smart choices during these past many years underscore your financial success. However, oftentimes during life’s journey, and without realizing it, our children wanted for nothing. If you’re concerned about the lack of respect your children have for money, then try these three approaches to help them become financially responsible adults. It’s never too late to instill accountability…


Headline: Hiring a Home Chef Checklist

Intro: Managing your daily diet is key to your overall health and happiness. Therefore, use our checklist to help you hire your next home chef and expedite the personal and physical changes you’re seeking to make…

Building Deep Client RelationshipsMore headlines that deepen personal bonds:

  • Pros & Cons of Becoming Your Adult Child’s Nanny
  • Enter Grandkids – What Will They Call You?
  • How to Hire the Perfect Nanny
  • Preparing for Your Next Triathlon or Marathon
  • Adding Personality to a Second Home
  • How to Expertly Pack for Your Next River Cruise
  • A Playbook When Traveling With Extended Family

In Closing

Finally, feel free to expound upon these ideas yourself or utilize my financial services content writing services to complete them for you.

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