Attract Customers to Your Business Startup

Learn marketing and advertising strategies to execute before and immediately after launching a small or home based business to generate your first customers.

Are you anxious about finding your first customers? Do you have a new business, but very few customers?

I’m Open; Now What? 25 Strategies to Attract Your First Customers is a 14-page small business special report packed with practical and low-cost marketing and advertising strategies to help you attract your first customers. This report is part of the Raining Revenue® small business marketing collection.

Written by Sharron Senter
Boston-area marketing consultant and creator of Raining Revenue®


If you’re in the process of launching a new business, or you’re now ready to begin marketing your business and are unsure as to how or where to begin, then I’m Open; Now What? will provide the direction you need. It includes a comprehensive look at marketing activities that soon-to-be launched, or newly-opened small and home based businesses must begin implementing at once to generate their first sales and get new customers.

Whether you’ve just opened a new hair salon, flower boutique or ice-cream shop, you’ll learn marketing techniques that’ll apply to your business and help you acquire customers.


I’ve been specializing in small business marketing communications for more than 20 years. From experience, I know many entrepreneurs launch their business without a marketing plan. I’m Open, Now What? is a great framework for you to follow if you have no marketing plan. At minimum, it’ll help you prioritize what marketing initiatives to put into action to secure your first month of sales.

My report describes 17 offline and 7 online marketing strategies that help generate initial sales. These tactics are particularly effective for entrepreneurs with no marketing background and with limited advertising budgets.

My New Business Startup Experience
I founded a second business in 2003, and when I sold it eight years later, I had more than 4000 *repeat* customers. I accomplished this by using the simple, inexpensive, straight-forward marketing tips included in this report.

Special Report for Small Businesses
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Attract New Customers

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  • Small and home based business owners who are getting ready to, or have just launched a business.
  • Individuals who have very little time and want to make sure they’re implementing marketing activities that’ll deliver immediate results.
  • Entrepreneurs who excel at their service and product knowledge, but are not confident as to what marketing and advertising activities they should implement.
  • Business owners not satisfied with their current success.

Don’t get bogged down by social media bells and whistles or friends and family making suggestions that bring you no revenue. Marketing any business is very straight-forward. You simply need a well-thought-out plan. I’m Open; Now What is this plan.

Here’s what one reader had to say…

“Sharron, I’ve never sat down and written an author, but in this case I am absolutely compelled. Your publication, “I’m Open; Now What? 25 Strategies to Attract Your First Customers” is an absolute gold mine. I was somewhat dubious when I stumbled across your site as I sat at my computer with my morning coffee doing my daily “Google search” for helpful information to jumpstart my business effort. But after purchasing this report, I must say I actually feel guilty for having obtained such a wealth of practical and useful information for that price. Your ideas are fresh and easy to implement. So easy, in fact, that about a quarter of the way through reading your first few strategies, I began putting them to work. As I read through your clear and poignant article, I felt as though you were right there, sitting in my office, having a power one-on-one marketing session with me. Thank you for the invaluable advice and the resourceful web site (which I’ve shamelessly scoured, and ultimately set as my home page)! Needless to say, I’ll be purchasing a truckload of your reports as soon as possible. You’re fantastic; please keep sharing!” — Karen Travis, founder – SpiderJuice Web Solutions


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