Attract More Female Investors Age 50+

A Collection of Email Subject Lines That Help Women Feel Understood, Igniting Financial Advisor Connections

A Special Report for Financial Professionals

When women feel understood, they’ll likely retain you as their financial advisor for life.

A key way to help middle aged and older women feel heard is to talk about the very things top-of-mind in their life, including their worries, fears, hopes and desires.

Specifically, her feelings and thoughts that reach far beyond finances yet drive her actions every day, many impacting her financial stability.

Ultimately, when you address what’s on a woman’s mind, you receive an organic flow of client referrals created by her sharing your resources.

This special report includes 300+ email subject line examples that will appeal to many women ages 50 and older.

Use the subject lines to attract more female clients and inspire ideas for:

  • Women & Wealth Events
  • Lunch-and-Learns
  • Client Conversation Starters
  • White Paper Themes
  • Email Campaigns
  • Blog & Social Posts
  • LinkedIn Articles

If you want to attract or retain wealthy female investors, then help her live her best life by initiating dialogue regarding her most intimate thoughts. Ultimately, provide her ideas and resources that spur solutions, ones she can use to improve her life.

How to Attract Female Investors

The 19-Page Report Includes:

— 300+ email subject lines that appeal to female clients.

— Subject lines organized under 15 categories, including: increasing fun, friendships, family, addiction; second and third marriages; lasting impact; life; empowerment; business and careers, divorce; death and illness; mental and physical health; grief; adult children and motherhood; money and wealth.

Sampling of Subject Lines Inside My Report:

Increasing Fun: How to Be More Flirtatious in Your 50s

Friendships: 3 Simple Responses When a Friend Unloads on You

Family: Creating Comfort That Lures Family & Friends

Addiction: (Local Guide) Adult Children with Addiction Parental Resources

Second and Third Marriages: Improving Lack of Privacy Caused by Second Marriage Children

Lasting Impact: Ways to Help a Suffering Neighbor

Life: How to Gift Wisdom So Others Will Listen

Empowerment: Finding Purpose When Overwhelmed with Responsibilities

Business & Careers: Easy Ways to Publish Your First Book

Death & Illness: Your Role When a Friend Receives a Difficult Diagnosis

Divorce: Finding Happiness After Partner of 20+ Years Asks for a Divorce

Mental & Physical Health: Replacement Considerations When Your Favorite Doctor Retires

Grief: 3 Steps to Overcome an Unspeakable Loss

Adult Children & Motherhood: Decision-Making Chart: Moving to Be Closer to Grandchildren

Money & Wealth: Equal or Fair: Decision-Making Framework for Leaving Heirs Money

Questions & Answers

Q: Does each category include the same amount of subject lines?

They do not. However, I intentionally added the category “life” to accommodate for large swings in information.

Q: Has a compliance officer approved this content?

No. However, I always strive to write non-promissory content. Also, rarely do my clients’ compliance departments ask for edits.

Q: How many subject lines within each category?

Increasing Fun (33), Friendships (20), Family (11), Addiction (6), Second and Third Marriages (26), Lasting Impact (14), Life (21), Empowerment (19), Business & Careers (47), Divorce (5), Death & Illness (25), Mental & Physical Health (44), Grief (6), Adult Children & Motherhood (31), Money & Wealth (27)

Attract More Wealthy Female Investors

Use These 300+ Email Subject Line Ideas
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