Financial Services 12-Month Annual Content Marketing Calendar

Blog & Social Media Content Ideas for Financial Advisors

Report Overview

Whether you’re a financial advisor or working in another capacity responsible for writing financial content, you’ll no longer struggle with what to write about next upon reading my special report: Financial Services 12-Month Annual Content Marketing Calendar.

I’ve produced more than 250 content ideas for you. Simply add your professional perspective to complete each concept.

Use these financial content marketing ideas for your:

  • Client Newsletters
  • Social Media Channels
  • Blog Posts
  • Email Campaigns
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Editorial Viewpoints
  • White Papers
  • Marketing Plans
Financial Advisor Content Marketing Calendar

The 23-Page Report Includes:

  • 175 editorial themes that tie to holidays, events, seasons and habits often associated with a particular month.
  • Financial content marketing ideas presented by month in a bulleted list format. Sometimes the bullet is an actual headline; other times the bullet is one to three sentences describing concepts that will appeal to your clients and prospects. (See examples below.)
  • Timeless content — use these ideas today or 10 years from now.
  • 20+ financial themes that can be used any time of year, and another 25 unique to business owners.
  • An extensive list of financial subjects that appeal to mass-affluent Americans ($100,000 in liquid assets, less than one million).
  • 30+ year-round wealth topics that appeal to high-net-worth individual investors and families, perfect for in-depth articles or white papers.
  • Detailed overview of content marketing best practices.

Financial Services 12-Month Annual Content Marketing Calendar

The following are excerpts from my report:

Seasonal & Year-Round Content Marketing Examples:

  • Groundhog Day: Repeated investment mistakes. How to spot them.
  • The “Big Game” in February: Post financial strategy ideas regarding what the Big Game winners and losers can do with their newfound money. Don’t forget to talk about tax implications and how to hang onto as much of the winnings as possible. Pair analogies of the Big Game winners to large inheritances, winning the lottery, etc.
  • Small Business: Run the numbers: employee versus contractor.
  • Mother’s Day: Beyond rank-and-file: Benefits planning for female executives.
  • Labor Day: Income versus labor. Viewing the value of work hours through a different lens.
  • High-Net-Worth: Reducing strain and guilt caused by gold diggers.
  • Easter: 7 steps to resurrect a financial plan.
  • Mass Affluent: Financial strategies to help manage unexpected medical costs.
  • Grandparent’s Day: Ins and outs of funding assisted living and acute care facilities.

Stop Struggling with What to Write About Next

Question & Answer

Q: If I’m marketing to high-net-worth individuals, will this report help me?

My ideas will spur your thought process and highlight time-of-the-year concepts. You’ll find some ideas you’ve never considered writing about before, helping to distinguish you from your competition.

I’ve brainstormed more than 30 topics that pertain almost exclusively to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, e.g., householding and multi-generational tax optimization, changing tax codes and political power shifts, and emotional intelligence and its impact on wealth transfer and inter-generational communication strategies, etc.

Q: Does each month have the same amount of ideas?

They do not. However, I purposely added “Any-Time-of-Year” ideas to accommodate for swings in information.

Q: Has the content been approved by a compliance department?

It has not; however, I proactively write non-promissory content.

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