How to Increase Prices without Losing Customers

If you’re unhappy with your pricing, then learn how to increase your rates and fees without deterring business.

How to Increase Prices without Irritating Customers is a 10-page special marketing report that walks you through the ins and outs of how to increase prices without losing money.

Written by Sharron Senter, MBA
Marketing & Business Development Consultant

Special Report for Small Businesses
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What You’ll Learn…How to increase prices without losing customers

  • Why most businesses undercharge
  • Dos and Don’ts of increasing prices
  • What to do BEFORE you increase your prices
  • The best way to increase prices
  • A few “sound bites” to respond with when customers question or challenge your newly-increased prices
  • How to manage irritated customers
  • Should or shouldn’t you distribute a “formal” pricing announcement
  • Best times to increase prices
  • Sales copy tips that support premium pricing

What’s more, I feel so strongly that your pricing strategy can make or break your business, I’ve sought out and included in my report advice from 3 other experts who provide their tips on how to increase prices, including Marcia Yudkin, renowned marketing consultant and author.

Here’s what one reader had to say…

Wonderful, wonderful!!! I can’t say “wonderful” enough… a good end of the year shot in the arm! Christine Desrosiers-Naugle, founder,

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