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Written by Sharron Senter
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REPORT OVERVIEW: 19 Ways to Increase Profits in Less Than 90 Days

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn from my report…

There are many ways businesses can easily increase revenue. As a rule-of-thumb, when trying to grow profits, focus your marketing efforts as close to your existing customers as possible. They’ve already done business with you and will be more likely to do so again. Moreover, it’s also more cost-effective to market to existing customers.

Your next marketing emphasis should be motivating your customers to send you more customers. You accomplish this by continuously educating them about your customer referral program. Or you could use a subliminal approach, such as what I do with my marketing tip, by including the following statement in each distribution: “Thank you for mentioning my marketing tips to your online newsgroups and forwarding to friends and associates.” Instead of thanking my readers after they refer me other readers, I thank them beforehand to “plant” the idea for them to send me readers. Some people simply don’t think to refer business, unless you remind them to do so.

Here are 3 more ways to quickly increase revenue…

#1 — Sell maintenance contracts. Not only will you earn more money, but your customers will always call you first. Webmasters, hosting providers, plumbers, electricians, equipment providers, any business with technical expertise and the like should all be selling maintenance contracts.

#2 – Increase your advertising. Keep in mind that advertising is only expensive is you’re not generating a return. If it costs $550 for a ¼-page advertisement in your industry monthly trade journal, and you only need one paying client to break even, the moment you receive a second paying client you’re making more money. Too many business owners are shortsighted about spending more on advertising. If you’re choosing the right marketing vehicle and using effective sales copy, advertising always pays for itself. The “right” marketing vehicle is one that reaches and is seen by your target audience.

#3 – Bring your products and services to your customers. Mary Kay, Avon and the like have been doing it for years. There’s absolutely no reason why almost any service business, such as masseuses, hairdressers, yoga instructors, personal trainers, etc. can’t go to clients’ homes. What’s more, you can immediately increase your income by charging a visit fee, in addition to your service fee. For example, there are upscale retirement communities popping up all over the country. If you’re a masseuse, take your business on the road. The aging population doesn’t necessarily find it easy to get around, so go to them. But don’t stop there, establish a relationship with its sister retirement communities as well. Pizza places have been delivering for years, you should too.

If you have found the above ideas practical and helpful, then you’ll like all the other proven ideas I describe in detail within my special report.

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