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With more than a decade of marketing experience, including salon and spa marketing expertise, Communications Consultant Sharron Senter shares the details of five natural conversations to have with clientele that help retain clients for life, in her well-rated Amazon eBook: CLIENT FOREPLAY™

Hairstylist Marketing Ideas

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CLIENT FOREPLAY™ for Hairstylists & Other Wellness Providers

5 Conversations that Retain Clients for Life & Pour Money into Your Pocket

eBook Overview

After reading CLIENT FOREPLAY™, wellness, lifestyle and beauty practitioners will be better equipped with marketing communications strategies that’ll help you create more demand from your current clients, increase income, generate organic referrals and keep clients for life!

What’s more, several detailed practitioner-to-client conversation examples are included.


  • The precise wording to get at exactly where your client is emotionally, enabling you to capture details that ultimately lead to upselling additional services, products or both.
  • How to empower your clients with information that helps them look good in front of their friends, family and associates, drawing them back to you while also sending you more clients! We’re drawn to people who make us look and feel good in front of others.
  • The art of listening, and how this one technique keeps clients coming back to you over and over again.
  • Four subject matters to align your conversations and show clients you’re truly listening.
  • Conversation approaches to help you fire undesirable clients, creating space for more enjoyable and profitable clientele. Includes two detailed conversation examples demonstrating how to fire undesirable clients.
  • Those little things in your client approach that could be sabotaging additional income.
  • Working examples of several conversations.

Retain more salon clients while earning the income and lifestyle you desire!

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“I really liked some of the tools she gives us in order to get our clients to feel comfortable with us and open up more.” Five Star Review— Jenny J.

“Fantastic, nice and easy read. Sharron does such a great job at helping refresh my outlook towards my clients!” Five Star Review— Sam D.

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Hairstylist Marketing Ideas

Use these simple and natural strategies to retain clients for life.

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