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Create a Shopping Frenzy at Your Online Store: 20 Steps to Increase Profits is a 34-page special small business marketing report packed with online marketing ideas, tips and tricks that’ll help you increase shopping at your online store.

Written by Sharron Senter
Boston-area marketing consultant

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REPORT OVERVIEW: Create a Shopping Frenzy at your Online Store: 20 Steps to Increased Profits

Whether you sell gift baskets, Mary Kay, antique sports cars, shaving cream or podiatry services, applying my 20 online marketing steps will help you increase profits. Think of this report as if it’s your online selling coach, a.k.a. all the little nuances I’ve learned from operating my Internet store since 2000; I share with you so you can avoid painful, costly mistakes.

What You’ll Learn…

  • If your online sales are lagging, you’ll likely find the reason why in my report. By first knowing what’s wrong, only then can we make things better!
  • 20+ affordable marketing tactics I personally implement to successfully grow my online store sales.
  • The 3 quickest ways to make more money through your online store without spending any money.
  • What effective sales copy includes and 17 copywriting tips!
  • Quick strategies to define your targeted keywords and attract more search engine traffic.
  • 4 easy-to-implement techniques that’ll increase your website’s popularity.
  • How to experience your online store and why you should.
  • Suggested recurring products to sell and tips and tricks to do so. Also, what’s a big NO-NO when marketing recurring products.
  • Why storytelling helps you sell more, and a detailed example of the technique in action.
  • Why you should distribute an electronic newsletter and what constitutes a quality publication. Plus, some email marketing statistics that support your efforts, as well as what the preferred time and days of the week are to distribute your messages.
  • How to give your existing products a facelift.
  • What to do if you have a little money, i.e., Let’s spend it on this very effective online advertising tactic.
  • What statistics you need to benchmark before changing anything.

Use my special report to lay the foundation for your small business website marketing plan. I’ve been selling informational products online since 2000. I share with you all the nuances I’ve learned.


You’ll Also Receive…

  • 3 additional revenue-generating ideas for your store, including how to host a profitable sale!
  • 10 of my favorite online marketing resources.
  • Detailed tip sheet on how to keep customers for life!

What You Won’t Find…

There is no marketing fluff, just straight-forward, easy-to-implement affordable strategies that’ll help attract more customers to your website.

You’ve Just Made a Sale!
There’s nothing like the feeling of opening your inbox and seeing several emails with the subject line, “You’ve Made a Sale!” I just love these emails. You’ll experience more of them for yourself when you implement my 20+ steps. Stop delaying. Every little improvement adds money into your wallet.

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