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Increase Qualified Investor Leads

Using an FAQ Web Page


Build Trust and Boost AUM by Addressing These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Concerns


Increase Qualified Investor Leads



Written By: Sharron Senter, MBA
Freelance Financial Services Writer & Practice Management Marketing Consultant



Report Overview

Whether you’re managing 50 million or billion in client assets, you’re likely missing information on your website prospects want to know more about.

Remember, when you don’t provide prospective investors with comprehensive information about your expertise, operations, personnel, values, etc., and the related benefits investors derive from them, prospects are left guessing.

Furthermore, they worry about what is being kept from them, creating suspect in a prospect’s mind, decreasing your credibility.

To solve this problem, this report identifies individual investor concerns and questions to address using a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, ultimately helping advisors to increase qualified investor leads.

Why an FAQ page rather than core pages?

Because of the Paradox of Choice concept. Specifically, when there are too many choices, individual investors become overwhelmed and make no choice.

Therefore, rather than clutter up your Home, About, Leadership, etc. pages with too much copy, instead, place this “extra” information on an FAQ page.



Increase Qualified Investor Leads and Engagement



Report Details

– A 19-page report in PDF download format.

– Topics listed by subhead, accompanied by a short paragraph detailing why you should discuss the subject on your website. Many topics include examples of copy you can use.

– 3 key writing tips that boost trust, ultimately increasing assets under management.

– When available, links to related blog posts (written by me) offering more ideas or examples pertaining to a particular content topic.



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