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SELF-EMPLOYED WANTED: Inspirational, Witty & Thought Provoking Expressions for Lifestyle Entrepreneurs, Free Agents and Independent Professionals

eBook by Sharron Senter

This eBook is for self-employed individuals.

You know who you are. You run a small business. It could be just you, or perhaps a small firm with a few employees. Your self-employment goes by many names: free agent, lifestyle entrepreneur, independent professional, solo practitioner, contractor, and perhaps others. Even drab terms are used to describe your independence, such as 1099.

Self-employment comes with many challenges and rewards with which only another self-employed person can truly identify with.

Inside these eBook pages…

Find expressions and quotes that align with your desire to be independent, as well as thoughts that acknowledge the unique challenges you face as a self-employed small business owner. Most quotes are lighthearted. Some include undertones of helpful marketing wisdom; others include a hint of sarcasm, poking fun at corporate life, i.e., commuting, cubicles, human capital and thought leadership.

Here’s what one reader had to say…

GREAT SUPPORT – It’s that pat on the back that you sometimes need when you are self-employed.

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Inspirational Quotes & Sayings for Small Business Owners

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