Learn the ins and outs of Newspaper Insert Advertising

One of the quickest ways to make your phone ring, increase website traffic or drive additional foot traffic into your brick and mortar is to advertise using Free Standing Newspaper Inserts, also referred to in newspaper circles as: FSIs, Preprints and Print and Deliver.

Double Newspaper Response in Less than 3 Weeks is a 9-page special report that describes the fine points of purchasing free standing newspaper inserts.

Written by Sharron Senter
Boston-area marketing consultant

Special Report for Small Businesses
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REPORT OVERVIEW: Double Newspaper Response

This 9-page special report walks you through every step of how to plan, buy and implement newspaper insert advertising, a.k.a. Free Standing Inserts and FSIs.

Greatest Benefit
The greatest benefit to using newspaper inserts is their visibility. They easily surpass the exposure of a traditional print ad printed within the newspaper. Instead, with free standing inserts, when a reader opens a newspaper, the insert falls onto their lap. If they’re interested in your products or services, they’ll read your message that moment.

Even better, as newspapers continue to move content online, it increases your visibility within the printed newspaper version.

What you’ll learn from reading my special report…

  • What precisely is a newspaper insert
  • The types of businesses that benefit from newspaper insert advertising and those that don’t
  • How to purchase insert advertising
  • What type of response you can anticipate and how quickly
  • Serious considerations to contemplate before making a reservation
  • Should you or shouldn’t you sign an advertising contract
  • Deadlines you must anticipate
  • What to expect from your newspaper sales representative
  • How inserts are priced and what’s included in the price
  • What copy points and various elements to include on your sales flyer or insert
  • Important particulars regarding production and printing — miss these and your advertising campaign will land with a loud “thud!”
  • Some disadvantages of using newspaper inserts
  • Most importantly, the mistakes I’ve made and learned from, so you don’t repeat them! I’m not shy about sharing my mistakes with you.

Who Should Purchase this Report?

Anyone responsible for buying newspaper advertising, including: small business owners who buy their own advertising, media buyers who need to familiarize themselves with the nuances of newspaper insert advertising as well as newspaper sales representatives and sales managers, so you can be prepared for what a well-educated customer will ask about free standing inserts.

Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside my Report…
“Give serious consideration to the day of the week you insert. For example, one of my local newspapers only has a business page on Mondays. If you’re targeting an audience that reads the business pages, it makes sense to insert on a Monday, assuming the business readership would be higher that day. Also, consider running on Mondays for newspapers that have no Sunday distribution. Readers would have already had a day off from the news and will be looking to get reconnected first thing Monday morning. Thus, readership will be at its highest.”

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Learn the nuances of purchasing free standing newspaper inserts before making your next media reservation.

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