Learn How to Book More Appointments from Incoming Calls

Phone sales script that improves closure rates from yellow pages and direct mail incoming calls.

Calling all plumbers, electricians, appliance and computer repair technicians, pest removal companies, and the like … learn how to book more appointments by improving your phone sales script.

Does your business rely on inbound calls to book appointments? If so, then fill your schedule more by making minor changes to your incoming phones sales script, that have major positive impact on your revenue!

Written by Sharron Senter
Boston-area marketing consultant

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REPORT OVERVIEW: Phone Sales Script

Are you spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars a month on yellow pages, both on and offline, as well as direct mail advertising, but not booking the appointments you want?

Are you tired of hearing from incoming callers, “I need to think about it.” Or, “I need to speak with my husband or wife. Or, thanks, I’ll get back to you.”

If your inbound call closure rates are not where you’d like them to be, then book more appointments each day by making minor changes to your phone sales script. Imagine making more money immediately, without having to spend more on advertising.

When you change the flow and order of your conversation with an incoming caller, you’ll close more business and increase revenue for your small business. It’s really that simple.

Change the order of your conversation.
Book more appointments.

There are several elements that make up successful sales calls, but there is one strategic move you must make for almost every inbound call, that’ll help you book more appointments and increase revenue for your small business. This step is outlined in detail inside my report.

Are you someone who receives incoming calls from yellow pages and direct mail for purposes of booking appointments for today, tomorrow or even three weeks from now?

If you are, then you’ll start booking more appointments after you read my small business marketing report. There are two pivotal parts to an incoming call from yellow pages and direct mail that you must manage in a particular way in order to schedule more business. I explain these steps in detail.

Stop letting callers get away!
Focus more on your phone script.

I called more than 35 businesses consisting of plumbers, electricians, computer repair technicians, and the like, listed in the yellow pages before I wrote this report. I wanted to know if my instincts were correct; which they are. Most dispatchers are not managing the incoming call in your best interest. I acted as your potential customer, to see if the person answering the phone would answer my questions, but also know how to navigate me to an appointment.

You can’t be around to supervise your phone staff every waking moment of the day {Isn’t this why you have them in the first place? So you can be out working on your business?}, but you can have them read this report and learn ideas of how to book more appointments.

Other Benefits to You Found Inside my Report

  • Receive 4 promotional ideas to help close calls that seem to be going nowhere.
  • Receive one last-ditch promotional idea to throw at callers in order to book the appointment.
  • Learn about one, possible controversial technique, to eventually close the business. It’s not for everyone. Still, it could work for your business.
  • For times that you can’t answer the phone, learn some quick voice mail strategies that’ll help you obtain more messages, rather than hang-ups! More messages = more revenue. Don’t let yellow page callers go to your competitors!
  • Finally, should you put callers on hold or not? Try this strategy out and you’ll book more business.

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Increase your small business revenue without spending another dime on advertising, merely by changing the flow of your phone conversation.

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