Are you selling gift baskets to make a living?

Whether you’re selling gift baskets from home, at a flea market or online, learn to sell more using affordable and practical marketing strategies.

Secrets of Successful Gift Basket Selling is a 25-page special report illustrating do-it-yourself marketing tips and tricks for entrepreneurs starting a gift basket business and for gift retailers seeking to sell more.

Written by Sharron Senter
Boston-area marketing consultant

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REPORT OVERVIEW: Secrets of Successful Gift Basket Selling

What You’ll Learn…

  • Affordable online and offline marketing tactics to help you sell more gift baskets and related gift products, such as wine and fruit-of-the-month baskets, wreaths, candles, jewelry, holistic skin products, etc. to individual and corporate customers.
  • How to grow your corporate customer base by learning who’s already on the inside. Learn strategies to approach and partner with “insiders.”
  • Benefits and features to pitch retailers when selling your products wholesale and which retailers to target.
  • How to establish a reseller or affiliate program that extends your sales reach by enabling other businesses to sell your products. It’s not as complicated as it sounds.
  • How to find and cultivate partnerships that bring you more business through referrals and direct sales.
  • Why you must choose a niche to succeed in gift selling. A niche will help boost your search engine rankings and ultimately make you more money.
  • How to rank higher in search engine results by using a few “insider” marketing maneuvers when creating web pages and writing sales copy. These maneuvers cost you nothing! You simply need to incorporate them in order to make your website search engine friendly.
  • Why some online gift retailers do better than others. For starters, take a peek at your competitions’ META Tags.
  • Most gift entrepreneurs have an innate talent — they’re creative. Extend this talent to your corporate customers. Learn one particular service many corporations need and let your business be the solution.
  • My favorite headlines that create urgency and push prospects to buy today!

You’ll Also Learn…

  • Tactics to build long-term relationships and ensure repeat corporate customers.
  • Selling versus consulting – What’s your style and which should you use to increase sales?
  • There’s one industry where salespeople almost always bring a gift when visiting customers. Learn which industry this is and who to speak with to form a relationship.
  • Learn several “excuses” to contact corporate customers.
  • Learn a handful of quick sales and copywriting tactics you can use to create urgency that prompt your customers to purchase, including when to use product supply versus time in order to create urgency.
  • A few pointers and ins and outs of creating and launching successful promotions.
  • How to generate additional business from existing customers.
  • Particulars on creating, building and maintaining qualified customer and prospect databases, and more importantly, how to make money by using them!
  • How to facilitate an email marketing campaign to attract both individual and corporate customers.
  • Fundamentals your home page needs to be picked up by search engines.
  • Techniques to selecting a profitable website address.
  • As always, a few beer budget marketing strategies for entrepreneurs with absolutely no marketing budget.

What’s more, if you don’t have a gift selling marketing plan, this report will get you started!

Who should buy this report?
Whether you’re just launching a gift business or have been selling for years, you’ll find helpful information that can be implemented at any stage of your business’ life. For newcomers to gift retailing, I provide details on strategies to incorporate to build a solid business foundation, particularly online. For the more experienced gift entrepreneur, you’ll receive fresh insights and new ideas that get you jazzed and motivated to sell more!

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Learn affordable marketing strategies to sell more gift baskets!

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