Financial Content Writer

Sharron Senter is a professional freelance financial content writer who helps financial advisors connect with wealthy and emerging-affluent investors on a deeper level.

She writes about money, health and emotions and related life milestones, positioning advisors as counselors who help the whole individual.

Financial Content Writer Sharron Senter, MBA

For many years, I’ve been helping independent financial advisors, broker-dealers, Super OSJs, RIA firms and other financial services professionals and related influencers increase revenue by providing reliable, clear and effective marketing communications.

I’ve written hundreds of financial blog posts, email newsletters, LinkedIn articles and white papers, and thousands of social posts for LinkedIn, Twitter “X” and Facebook.

Sharron Senter

Sharron writes consistently excellent, high-quality material, unfailingly submits clean copy, is never late on her assignments and is a pleasure to work with. She elevates mundane topics into something enjoyable to read; she makes interesting topics soar. A total pro who has also enriched our content team’s SEO knowledge and success, she’s always willing to share her knowledge. She’s everything you could ask for in an editorial collaborator.

Chris Sahl –Senior Editor, Adviser Investments

Generally, I work with two audiences:

  • Financial Advisors Seeking Clients
  • Strategic Partners Seeking Advisor Alliances

Financial Content Writer Approach

My writing approach accounts for the economic and psychological factors driving your prospects’ decision-making.

My strength is helping financial services firms build meaningful relationships with investors and influencers by creating relevant and timely marketing content, ultimately building conversation opportunities.

My skills aren’t limited to being a financial content writer.

I’ve been helping business owners define their value proposition for more than 17 years. I possess an unusual blend of skills that include the ability to write clearly as well as tie my approach to your business’ unique strategic advantages.

Increase AUM Using Clear Communications

My Financial Marketing Content Writer Services & Experience Include:

  • A comprehensive understanding of the financial services marketplace, minimizing your need to bring me up to speed on the intricacies of your profession.
  • Writing non-promissory, digital and offline content that generates engagement in a highly-regulated industry.
  • Working knowledge of the emotional mindsets of Zoomers, Millennials, Gen Xs, Baby Boomers and high-net-worth individuals, helping you align more quickly with prospects. Coupled with the understanding that the nation’s wealth is undergoing a large shift to younger generations and women.
  • An understanding of how financial advisors spend their working days and the key business operational issues concerning them most. I’ve worked with more than 200 independent financial advisors, wealth managers, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING™ professionals and others.
  • Legitimate and creative marketing and branding strategies that distinguish you from your competition combined with persistent project management and follow through.
  • More than 17+ years of experience creating and orchestrating marketing plans and content marketing editorial calendars.
  • Expert knowledge of how to write effective headlines and email subject lines that increase engagement and conversion rates.
  • Hands-on experience creating client personas, as well as translating data and customer behaviors to identify relevant marketing content that will appeal to target audiences.
  • Writing trust-fostering content for client referral campaigns.
  • Working knowledge of marketing CRM and automation software, enabling you to track marketing ROI, simplify lead collection and increase AUM. I’m also fluent with WordPress for blogging and Constant Contact for facilitating email campaigns.
  • Extensive search engine optimization experience (SEO), including writing mobile, search-friendly financial content. This includes emphasis on voice and local searches using a natural language approach.
  • Broad experience with many forms of traditional marketing, including direct mail, in-person event marketing, postcard retargeting, public speaking and referral programs.

Sharron’s Personality and Education

I possess high levels of emotional intelligence, business acumen and diplomacy. I’m astute at communicating at all levels of an organization, from technician to C-level securities executives.

I hold a B.A. in Economics and an MBA. I’m a business owner and client development consultant, and I offer marketing execution support and strategic counsel for financial services firms. My thought process goes far beyond the written word to capture the underpinnings of processes that ultimately help build financial practices via new and expanded relationships.

Current/Past Clients

Adviser Investments, Newton, MA–RIA, $8B AUM

Commonwealth Financial Network, Waltham, MA–largest privately held RIA & independent broker-dealer

Investacorp, Miami–now Osaic Wealth, Inc.

Investors Capital, Lynnfield, MA–now Cetera

Townsend Retirement & Investment Planning, Westminster, CO–RIA, $989M

US Financial Planners, Asheville, NC–national network of financial advisors

Windsor Wealth Management, Topsfield, MA–RIA

Financial Services Writer

Increase AUM Using Clear Communications

If you’re seeking an ethical and reliable marketing content writer, please reach out. In the meantime, you may find the following financial advisory marketing posts helpful: