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Prepared by freelance obituary and tribute writer Sharron Senter



Do you need obituary, Facebook tribute or celebration of life ideas and writing assistance?

I’d be honored to help you write your loved one’s life story. As a professional writer, I’ve spent the last 20+ years helping others translate feelings using tangible words.


Why hire an obituary writer or Facebook tribute writer?

I understand the pressure you’re under to write a loved one’s tribute while heartbroken. I’ve been there, honoring my late husband while grieving. I would have delegated the job had I felt confident another could express his legacy with compassion, depth and impact. It’s why I now provide obituary and Facebook tribute writing services — freeing you to grieve.

Grief has no bounds.


Capturing a Loved One’s Uniqueness

All of us have special qualities.

As an obituary writer, it’s my role to help you communicate your loved one’s uniqueness. I do this by listening and asking questions, uncovering accomplishments, challenges, joys, passions and values embodying your loved one.

Character lives on to inspire others.


Obituary & Facebook Tribute Writing Approach

There is no best way for writing an obituary or Facebook tribute. Instead, expressing what’s inside your heart is most important.

To help you, I begin by interviewing several of your loved one’s close family members, friends and colleagues, identifying the key facts and tone of voice.

A legacy lives on for generations.


Next Steps

Whether your loss is recent or imminent, I’m happy to discuss your unique project. Please reach out anytime. In the interim, you can find pricing for my obituary writing services at the bottom of my pricing page.

All the best to you at this difficult time.



Obituary Writing Examples

Zachary Ian Piechocki

Gary R. Dingman