Outsourced Marketing Director Services that Meet the Demanding and Diverse Needs of Senior Management

Provided by Freelance Marketing Communications Professional – Sharron Senter

Working worldwide, Sharron Senter helps marketing teams of all sizes with their interim marketing needs.

There are many reasons for hiring temporary marketing help…

Some businesses are shorthanded due to maternity leaves or sabbaticals and need someone to fill in temporarily. Others have difficulty finding the right permanent candidate, and some are simply not sure if they want to commit for the long-haul.

Sharron Senter

7 Reasons Why Hiring Sharron as Your Interim Marketing Director WILL QUICKLY SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS

  1. You have a short-term project that requires senior-level marketing expertise and you’d prefer no long-term commitment.
  2. You can hire Sharron today as a vendor; bypassing the painstaking process and expense of hiring an employee.
  3. Your CFO will love reason number two!
  4. You’ve acquired a new client or third-party partner and you needed help – yesterday.
  5. You’re in need of immediate expert content that deepens relationships with customers, decision-makers and influencers.
  6. You have a sensitive project with special circumstances and you’d prefer someone neutral with a diverse marketing background manage it.
  7. You have something else in mind entirely, and simply need someone who can think for themselves and produce strong results.


No matter what your short-term marketing needs are, Sharron’s core objectives are to resolve your problems, bring your projects to completion quickly and make you look good.


Brand Journalism/Copywriting:

Websites, Landing Pages, eNews, White Papers, Articles, Blogs, Infographics, eBooks, Case Studies, PowerPoint Presentations, Editorials, Postcards, Referral & Sales Letters, Print Ads, Employee Communications

  • Email Campaigns
  • Multichannel Marketing Programs
  • Direct Mail/EDDM
  • Marketing Plan Development & Implementation
  • Public Relations
  • Special Events
  • Sales Promotions Privacy – Terms
  • Interim Marketing Director

All Content is…

  • Search & Mobile Friendly
  • Custom, Exclusive Content
  • Social & Engaging

Sharron is a consistent “idea” person always pushing the edge of the envelope. I find Sharron to be a true professional. Brainstorming is always fun, and, more importantly, the end result will always be reflective of the synergy Sharron brings to the session. Give her a basic objective, and she always comes back with three or four great campaigns.

Jonathan Blood national director business development, T-Mobile, New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island

5 Sales Channels and 20+ Years Marketing Communications Experience

Sharron Senter has spent more than 20 years providing strategic marketing services to five sales channels, including: retail, direct, indirect, telesales/call centers and ecommerce/digital.

Her niche expertise is multichannel marketing program development and implementation.

She’s capable of developing your company’s marketing communications plan, building indirect channel partners, creating sales lead generation programs, leading your marketing and sales teams while you search for permanent candidates, write and produce your collateral, website and social media content, launch your website and social channels, select and manage advertising and public relations firms, and hire your permanent marketing team.

Why Sharron?

Sharron’s number one priority is to support sales teams and generate tools needed to build customer relationships, close deals and grow revenue, while also retaining and up-selling into existing customers. She accomplishes this in a professional and expeditious manner.

Sharron’s Work Style & Personality

  • Creative, outgoing, self-directed
  • High-level of integrity, reliability & authenticity
  • Ability to meet deadlines and reprioritize
  • Works well under pressure
  • Strong ability to identify and resolve problems
  • Comfortable working in unfamiliar environments
  • Possesses a natural intuitiveness of understanding motivations

Sharron’s highly-skilled in spearheading marketing projects that have tight deadlines, high demands and are sensitive in nature.

Industry Experience

IT service providers, professional and financial services, multi-site brick and mortar retail, ecommerce, small businesses, wireless telecommunications, SMB marketplace


Move Your Projects to the Fast Track; Engage Sharron Senter’s Marketing Services