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Financial Services Writing & Marketing Consulting Services Pricing

Below are popular marketing projects with corresponding pricing. If you don’t see what you need, please contact me for more information.

I’m an accountable, motivated, results-driven freelance marketing communications consultant. I write original, relevant content and possess an in-depth knowledge of how to ignite investor engagement. I seek long-term relationships and endeavor to satisfy my clients. I’ve been self-employed since the year 2000, helping financial services professionals exclusively for the past 15 years.


Give your target audience a helpful reason to make contact with you and something easy to share — provide them a listicle. Specifically, helpful wealth management tips in a list format. For example: 7 Surprising Wealth Hacks That Lower Tax Obligations. Includes: interview with subject matter expert; up to 700 words, short, comprehensive paragraphs with relevant, easy-to-scan subheadings and a unique, benefit-oriented call-to-action. [$799]

Schedule-Appointment Landing Page

Optimize website ROI and qualify visitor leads using a targeted, standalone schedule-appointment landing page. Includes: one web page, up to 700 words; two 45-minute, fact-finding interviews; and engaging word flow that aligns with your audience’s unique goals and pain points, drawing investors to your call-to-action. [$999]

White Paper/Case Study/Guide Campaign

Attract and nurture qualified investor leads using a relevant white paper campaign. Includes: white paper up to 1000 words; paper may include a mix of call outs, side bars, design recommendations and table of contents, as well as three promotional emails and 10 social posts to encourage downloads. Design excluded. [$2700]

Thought Leadership/Opinion Piece

Make ongoing, meaningful impact by stating your clear and strong opinion underscored by research. Includes: up to 800 words, vivid examples and storytelling. Overarching goals are for more stakeholders to select your desired action or weigh in regarding your argument. [$999]


Elevate your client engagement strategy with our specialized eNewsletter service designed to generate referrals and foster stronger connections with your existing clients. Our package includes the following components:

Tailored Copywriting for Monthly Email: Craft a custom and compelling message that resonates with your audience. We’ll create one engaging email per month, leveraging an in-depth interview to capture your top three key points. Expect a word count between 350 and 500 words, ensuring concise yet impactful communication.

Seamless Email Execution: We handle the end-to-end process of building, testing, and distributing the email using your preferred email automation software. If needed, we can utilize Constant Contact for this purpose.

Optimized Subject Line and Copy Preview: Maximize open rates with carefully crafted subject lines and engaging copy previews, drawing recipients into your message.

Compliance Assurance: We’ll navigate the compliance approval process, ensuring your email content meets all necessary standards.

Actionable Metrics and Insights: Gain valuable insights into your campaign’s performance. We’ll provide you with comprehensive metrics, results analysis and strategic recommendations for future campaigns.

Investment: $1500 per Email Campaign

Please note: advisors establishing their email platform will incur a one-time start-up fee for initial design.

Alternative Headlines

Increase open rates and readership by testing alternative headlines, i.e., A/B testing. Includes: 20 relevant alternative headlines for one existing content asset. [$399]

Alternative Call-to-Actions

Enhance content response rates by improving call-to-actions. Includes: 15 alternative CTAs using a benefit+action approach. [$399]

Article/Blog Post

Build deeper relationships with investors using ongoing articles and blog posts. Includes: one blog post, up to 700 words; interview with subject matter expert; and search engine optimization (SEO) best practices. [$900]

Article/Blog Post (or Email) Review

Boost investor sales leads from existing communications. Includes: review of one article, blog post or email; specific improvement recommendations regarding the headline/subject line; opening paragraph and body copy flow as well as suggestions for a more effective call-to-action. [$399]

Business Letter

Stimulate new leads, distinguish your firm and build customer loyalty using a longstanding and proven marketing tool — a business letter. Includes: one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and one-page/single-sided, 8.5×11 letter. [$799]

Business Name (DBA)

Your firm’s name is often the first interaction a prospect has with you. Capture more clients from this initial encounter by possessing a name that projects the benefits of doing business with you. Includes: up to two, 45-minute, fact-finding interviews and 25 professionally written business names to choose from. Offer excludes final DBA search to determine if the name is in legal use. Offer does include a brief search of the USPTO database, Google and [$999]

Client Persona

Increase rapport during content journeys and campaign results by identifying the emotional nuances of your target audience using client personas, i.e., create relevant content. Specifically, a persona encompasses a comprehensive demographic and psychographic profile of your ideal target audience. Includes: one persona; one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and a detailed customer description summary; items may include customer: goals, frustrations, motivations, hobbies, age, occupation, job title, purchase criteria, common sales objections, challenges and more. [$999]

Community Post

Strengthen your brand while aligning with clients and prospects by sharing your community service efforts, e.g., blood and food drives, park cleanups, Make-A-Wish® wish grants, youth team sponsorships, #GivingTuesday, etc. Short post, includes: 300-to-400 words and a call-to-action integrating your firm’s community impact. [$599]

Content Marketing Calendar

Grow revenue using planned communications. Includes: detailed subject matter recommendations for 12-month timeline; one financial or emotional subject per month targeting one audience, including supporting sources to link to, internal linking when available; target keyword phrase; and two-to-three sentences outlining an article’s opening paragraph. [$999]

Executive Bio

Stand out from your competition. Clarify your personal brand. Enhance your reputation. Includes: up to two, 45-minute, fact-finding and goal setting interviews; content written in an engaging, influential, inspiring word-of-mouth format, showcasing your thought leadership, distinguishing skill sets and brand attributes. Includes targeted keywords, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, tailored call-to-action, and transformation of intangible characteristics, revealing your inherent added value. Typically used for: leadership web page, press kit, board membership, corporate brochure, annual report and more. One page = one 8.5″ x 11″ single-sided piece of paper. Professionally proofread by my editor. Revisions until your complete satisfaction. [$1500]

Event Name Brainstorm

Boost event registrations using a unique and benefit-oriented event name, enticing target audiences to register. Includes: one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and 25 event names. [$399]

Gender Diversification Website Review

Some advisory websites unconsciously speak to one gender more than another, deterring the latter from doing business with you. Also, there are large generational value shifts underway; specifically, a preference for genderless marketing. The data available about the latter is limited; still, genderless marketing is coming. Gen Z is leading the push. The key is ensuring that you’re emotionally aligning with Millennials and Gen Zs as generational assets transition to them. To help you, I offer a gender diversification website review; this includes: a review of up to five core web pages coupled with a two-page executive summary of my findings and my recommended improvements, provided in a bulleted format. [$999]

LinkedIn Profile

Make it easier for qualified prospects and third-party partners to find you. Includes: bio summary copy, search engine optimization (SEO) and strong call-to-action. Copy length is limited to LinkedIn’s character limits and up to 700 words. [$900]

Postcard (and Postcard Retargeting)

Go where there’s little, if any, competition — your prospect’s mailbox. Includes: copy and graphic design for one postcard, up to 800 words (less is better); mail house and printer project management; ongoing calls and emails with you. Excludes: mailing list, postage and printing costs. [$2000]

Web Page

Turn visitors into repeat customers. Includes: one page, up to 700 words; one 45-minute, fact-finding interview; search engine optimization (SEO) best practices; internal linking recommendations when available, as well as page title and meta tag description. [$900]

Email Campaign

Spur calls, downloads, emails, readership and registrations using a targeted email campaign. Includes: six emails, up to 100 words each; up to two, 45-minute planning calls; as well as subject line and call-to-action best practices. [$1800]


Demonstrate the facts and feelings regarding a lost loved one. Includes: up to 1000 words; four fact-finding interviews for encompassing memories and beloved characteristic qualities; and illustration of the deceased’s legacy. [$2500]