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I’m an accountable, dedicated freelance marketing communications consultant and brand journalist. I write original content and possess an in-depth knowledge of how to ignite customer engagement. I seek long-term relationships and endeavor to satisfy my clients. I’ve been self-employed since the year 2000.

Industry Niche

I’ve been specializing within the financial services industry for the past nine years.



Financial Services Copywriting & Marketing Consulting Fees


Blog Post (or Email) Review
Increase investor sales leads from your current blog post. Includes: review of one blog post and/or email, up to 700 words, improvement recommendations regarding the headline/subject line, opening paragraph and body copy flow as well as suggestions for a more effective call-to-action. [$399]

Event Name Brainstorm
Boost event registrations using a unique and benefit-oriented event name, enticing target audiences to register. Includes: one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and 25 event names to choose from. [$399]

Tagline Brainstorm
Expand your DBA’s impact with an original benefit-oriented tagline. Includes: one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and 25 professionally written taglines to choose from. [$399]

Blog Post/Article
Build deeper relationships with your customers. Includes: one blog post, up to 700 words, phone interview with subject matter expert, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, and one recommended, researched long-tail keyword phrase. [$799]

LinkedIn Profile
Make it easier for qualified prospects and third-party partners to find you. Includes: bio summary copy, search engine optimization (SEO), strong call-to-action, account setup, including outbound linking, adding media and masthead design. [$799]

Annual Content Marketing Calendar
Grow revenue through planned organization. Includes: detailed subject matter recommendations for 12-month timeline, industry specific. [$999]

Web Page Copy
Turn visitors into repeat customers. Includes: one page, up to 700 words, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, one recommended/researched long-tail keyword phrase, internal linking when available, as well as page title and meta tag description. [$799]

Client Persona
Increase rapport with key target audiences using Client Personas, encompassing a comprehensive demographic and psychographic profile of an ideal target audience. Includes: one persona, one 45-minute, fact-finding interview, and a detailed customer description summary, items may include: customer goals, frustrations, motivations, hobbies, age, occupation, job title, purchase criteria, common objections, challenges and more. [$499]

Gender Perspective Diversification Website Review
Often financial advisory websites unconsciously speak to one gender more than another, deterring the latter from doing business with your firm. Also, there are large generational value shifts underway, specifically, a preference for genderless marketing. The data available about the latter is limited, still, genderless marketing is coming. Gen Z is leading the push. The key is ensuring that you’re speaking appropriately to Millennials and Gen Zs as generational assets transition to them. To help you, I offer a Gender Perspective Diversification website review, this includes: a review of up to five core website pages coupled with a two-page executive summary of my findings and my recommended improvements listed in a bulleted format. [$799]

Business Letter
Stimulate new leads, distinguish your firm and build customer loyalty using a longstanding and proven marketing tool — a business letter. Includes: one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and one-page/single-sided, 8.5×11 letter. [$799]


 My Two Favorite Marketing Services


Should I or Shouldn’t I?
Put an end to your dilemma today. Present to me a key consideration you’re contemplating, and I’ll provide you an unbiased pros-and-cons feedback summary. Up to 500 words. [$299]

One-page Executive Bio: Stand out from your competition. Clarify your personal brand. Enhance your reputation. Includes: up to two, 45-minute fact-finding and goal setting interviews, content written in an engaging, influential, inspiring word-of-mouth format, showcasing your thought-leadership, distinguishing skill sets and brand attributes. Includes targeted keywords, search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, tailored call-to-action, and transformation of intangible characteristics, revealing your inherent added value. Typically used for: social media, press kit, board membership, corporate brochure, annual report and more. One page = one 8.5″ x 11″ single-sided piece of paper. Professionally proofread by my editor. Revisions until your complete satisfaction. [$999]

The One-page Executive Bio is my favorite service offering. It’s akin to your Statement of Value. I draw upon my 20+ years of marketing communications experience to help you define (or refine) your unique positioning statement. A strong foundation that supports a prosperous future is created by design. The strength of the pillars is determined by the perception of benefits. Together, we decide how you want to be perceived.


 Additional Marketing Services


General Website Review
Uncover what others think and experience while visiting your website. Includes: up to 500-word summary detailing improvement recommendations for up to five web pages. Items reviewed include: copy, SEO, design and usability. [$399]

Marketing Consulting
Receive experienced, practical and ethical business advice. Email me as much as you need to with your questions, concerns and roadblocks. I’ll provide you productive, relevant and practical marketing and business development advice using, short, yet detailed, prompt responses. [$399 per month]

Keyword Phrase Development
Before you exert energy adding more products or services, know beforehand if anyone is searching for such solutions or benefits. Includes: research and identification of long-tail keyword phrases for up to five web pages. [$499]


Business for Sale Marketing Services


Business-For-Sale Executive Summary Copy
Attract qualified buyers and reap the financial windfall you’ve worked so hard to earn through effective positioning of your Labor of Love. The primary marketing communications vehicle used to promote the sale of your business. Includes: two 45-minute, fact-finding interviews and up to two pages/single-sided, 8.5×11 letter. [$999] for businesses with annual sales <$1 million. [$1999] for businesses with annual sales >$1 million.

Farewell or Introduction Customer Letter Copy
Maintain customer, supplier and staff confidence while sustaining revenue. Whether you’re buying or selling, retaining clients is vital. Sellers need to maintain customer, supplier, staff and buyer confidence. Buyers need to retain customer confidence once taking ownership to sustain revenue. A well-orchestrated customer communication builds loyalty. Includes: one 45-minute, fact-finding interview and one-page/single-sided, 8.5×11 letter. [$799]


Ongoing, Hands-on, Fluid Relationship


If you need to ramp up your marketing efforts quickly, without the burden of hiring a permanent staff member, then it’s likely we’re a good fit. I welcome relationships, whereby we work together day-in and day-out. This includes ongoing project management and copywriting for your content marketing projects, social channel(s) management, team supervision, as well as in-person or video marketing and business consulting conferencing. [From $4900 per month]



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