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Learn how to grow your small business by attracting more customers, expanding current relationships and intensifying referrals … using a systematic, low-cost and sustainable marketing approach.

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What’s Involved

First, decide whether a marketing consultation is right for you.

If you’re experiencing some of the following challenges, then you’ll likely benefit from Sharron’s marketing expert advice:

  • Your current marketing efforts aren’t working.
  • You want to grow your business to the next level.
  • You’re launching or recently launched a new business and need to generate your first customers.
  • You’re in need of additional sales leads and don’t know which way to turn or what advertising or PR tactic to implement next. There are too many choices.
  • Your sales pipeline has dried up.
  • You’re working hard, but not earning what you’d like.

If you’re experiencing some of the above, then let’s talk – candidly.

When we’ve finished, you’ll have:

  • Specific recommendations for marketing strategies to help grow your business
  • Detailed explanation of each strategy’s implementation, including approximate cost projections
  • A quarterly marketing calendar outline with two to five recommended and repeatable marketing activities
  • A second opinion from a marketing and advertising veteran with more than 17 years of experience
  • Strategies to help you focus and remain on a growth track
Quote - I'm passionate about helping small businesses

Why Now?

Perhaps your business growth frustrations have peaked. Maybe you’re concerned about a competitor that just opened down the street, or you’ve made the decision to invest more in your business.

Whatever the reason, you’re faced with two key decisions — how and where to invest?

One highly effective way to learn how to grow your small business into a bigger business is to stretch your knowledge by tapping into someone else’s.

What’s more, when you’re challenged to step outside your current habits, expectations and conceptions, you’ll clearly see more opportunities.

What types of businesses does Sharron work with?

Sharron advises a wide selection of small businesses. A sampling of current and past clients include: financial advisors, certified wealth strategists, salons and day spas, interior designer, optometrist, car wash, national moving company, entertainment system distributor, specialty advertising seller, mobile phone resellers, and various online merchants, including: sugar-free candy seller, a chocolater, and corporate gift basket seller.

What do you gain from your meeting?

When you engage Sharron, your marketing knowledge is catapulted years forward.

By tapping into her extensive marketing, advertising, public relations and business operations experience, you’ll immediately acquire an understanding of the inner workings of strategic online and offline marketing.

She keeps no secrets; everything she knows is open for discussion. With this additional knowledge, you’ll quickly hone-in on affordable, sales-producing marketing initiatives for your small business.

Ask yourself, “Do I continue on my current path, or do I want to expand my perspective, and enhance my business by engaging in a marketing consultation?”

Here’s more of what you’ll gain when you engage Sharron’s marketing consulting services, whether you’re located in the Boston area or across the ocean.

  • Access to her inside knowledge of creating, growing and selling a b-to-b and b-to-c technology business, after eight years of ownership.
  • Benefit from the more than 17 years of marketing, advertising and public relations experience, 15 of which Sharron has spent building her profitable marketing consulting firm, Senter & Associates, both on and offline.
  • Access to her marketing tips and maneuvers. AND her business mistakes!
  • The knowledge of someone who understands the power of publicity and how to generate positive word-of-mouth. She’s been quoted on the front page of the Wall Street Journal.

You’ll also receive a sales & marketing expert proficient at:

  • Defining how to attract your niche target audience.
  • Explaining the process of purchasing and facilitating various forms of advertising, including: television, print, radio and electronic media.
  • Creating passive income via selling informational products, including Kindle eBooks and downloadable special reports.
  • Generating low-cost sales leads for five sales channels, including: retail, b-to-b, indirect, telesales and ecommerce.
  • Implementing and developing marketing plans and strategies for businesses of varying sizes, from varied industries and at any stage of life.

And you’ll learn from …

  • A CEO who markets her business on and offline, both are equally important.
  • A professional who regards your business as seriously as you, and always arrives at each session prepared with low-cost sales and marketing ideas and tools to help you.
  • A consulting professional who understands that marketing exists to support the sales process. If you’re seeking marketing fluff, you won’t find it here.

When you engage Sharron, you’re engaging several professionals simultaneously, including copywriter, marketing consultant, Internet publicist, ecommerce CEO, channel marketing manager, public speaker, art director and sales expert.

Sharron prefers to consult directly with decision-makers, including business owners or executives with P&L responsibilities.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost depends on whether you and Sharron speak on the phone or meet in-person. She welcomes both styles of engagements.

In-person Marketing Consultations

Sharron actively meets with clients. As an extrovert, she enjoys personalized meetings and the dynamic between two business owners when they have the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

Meetings may take place at your commercial business location, your Chamber of Commerce meeting room, or at a public location, such as a library or Panera Bread.

Payment is due at the end of your meeting. Cash or check are preferred. Credit cards are accepted. Please inform Sharron at the time of scheduling if you’re paying by credit card. She processes all major credit cards securely using, and accepts PayPal payments.

Special Rate for Andover, North Andover, North Reading, Reading & Wilmington Massachusetts small businesses. Receive Sharron’s in-person, two-hour consultation for a flat fee of $325, to occur within one of the five mentioned towns.

In-person Meeting within Greater Boston Communities

Sharron will meet with you for a two-hour marketing consultation and travel up to one hour in a single direction for a flat fee of $795.

In-person Meeting Beyond Greater Boston

Sharron will travel throughout New England to meet with you. Please contact her for pricing.

Phone/Video Chat

Sharron welcomes marketing consultations by phone or video chat. One hour is $225. Payment is due upon scheduling.

Please Note

The above limited time offers are subject to change at any time. I reserve the right to refuse a consultation when I believe my services won’t fit your business. Thank you ~ Sharron

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Step outside your current habits and perspectives. Schedule your one-on-one marketing session today.