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Meet Sharron Senter, MBA
Professional Business Coach & Interpersonal Communications Consultant

My name is Sharron Senter, and I’ve been working in the communications profession for the past 20+ years. I strive to make a positive difference in your life by helping you achieve greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Who I Coach
I work with aspiring professionals, small business owners and other leaders who seek more opportunities and results. My clients are individuals who understand that for something different to happen in their lives, change must occur. At the end of the day, those who successfully transform themselves reap the most opportunities and lead more fulfilling lives.

Why Now?
There is no one reason to meet with a personal coach; however, common reasons why clients repeatedly meet with me include, to:

  • Be heard.
  • Receive a neutral and concise outside point of view.
  • Piggyback onto my years of business operations and marketing communications knowledge.
  • Vet opportunities and difficult decisions presented to you.
  • Obtain higher visibility, personally or professionally.
  • Define your personal and professional life course.

The most popular reason why others use my coaching services is to identify and rectify actions or beliefs that impede you from making the income or revenue you desire.

I seek to help you experience accomplishment by helping you navigate your career or business during times of uncertainty and change, while maintaining balance, health and happiness in your personal life. As a professional business coach, I strive to be that one person with whom you can be yourself, providing you the highest level of confidentiality.

I’m your trusted ally who helps you maintain focus so you may experience results.

My core approach is to stretch your perspective, helping you to find opportunities beyond your initial scope of sight and experiences. I also help you identify opportunities that arise when failures occur. For individuals seeking to strengthen leadership skills, my role is to spur your leadership thought-process and to help you apply concrete actions.

Overall, I help individuals find their untapped inherent value, to live life with intent and to improve communication skills, bringing you closer to accomplishing your objectives.

Whether you desire to make more money or distribute your wealth in a more meaningful way, beliefs about money greatly impact how successful you’ll be in achieving your financial goals. I help you isolate the goals of your goals. By doing so, you’ll be more likely to fulfill your financial aspirations. Until you understand what drives your financial thinking, it’s unlikely you’ll ever be satisfied financially, because your thoughts ultimately limit your ability to make or enjoy money.


Opportunity isn’t given to us; instead, we take actions that catapult us to where we want to be. If you take no action, then you’ll remain exactly where you are. — SS

Asking Questions That Need to Be Answered
I ask tough questions, knowing that your answers are what mobilize your successful changes. I also help you see your blind spots. It’s difficult to isolate your own blind spots because they’re often intertwined within automatic habits that are natural to you.

Sometimes blind spots are created by your own beliefs. At times, I may challenge your beliefs in an attempt to help you see opportunity through a different point of view.

Professional Business Coaching

What’s in it for you?

My communication, leadership and business coaching expertise includes helping you to build a decision-making and goal-setting framework that helps you:


  • Accelerate personal and professional results.
  • Obtain greater satisfaction from your current profession and/or home life.
  • Improve leadership skills so that you may better influence others and motivate teams to propel results.

  • Catapult strategic thinking, enabling you to plan multiple steps in advance.
  • Transition into a new career or business.
  • Get unstuck by encouraging and guiding you through making key decisions, including unpopular ones, e.g., launch a new product, pass on a job offer, fire an employee, etc.
  • Minimize the impact of toxic people.

  • Make risky decisions by isolating emotions and motivation.
  • Decipher impressions you have of others, versus their actual intentions, enabling you to make clear decisions.
  • Increase your problem solving success.
  • Manage yourself through imposed change, e.g., a new boss, increased vendor prices, key employee gives notice, etc.

  • Understand your role in regard to employee or friendship exodus.
  • Keep an open mind while also being decisive.
  • Understand others’ motivations, strengthening your position both at work and at home.
  • Exhibit intellectual humility by making changes when confronted with more logical arguments versus your longstanding beliefs.
Financial Services Marketing Speaker Sharron Senter

Until you’re able to embrace failure, you’ll always settle for less.

– Sharron Senter

Experience More Opportunities & Increase Life Fulfillment

Schedule an Initial 30-Minute Coaching Session for Only $79

If you don’t find a convenient time on my schedule, please contact me and we’ll find some time that best works for you.


Working together, I help you improve your interpersonal communication skills so that you may:

  • Be clearly heard and understood.
  • Garner more appreciation from others in your work or home life.
  • Find and articulate your purpose and brand, both personally and professionally.
  • Establish and build long-term relationships that help you motivate and retain employees.
  • Facilitate partnerships that elevate your success.
  • Enhance your leadership and persuasion skills, helping you to get people on board and move projects through organizations efficiently.

Overcoming Barriers Underscored by Fear & Doubt
Throughout my career as a communications consultant, I’ve seen a clear trend among professionals who do not attempt to pursue their goals or finish what they’ve started. Almost always, it’s fear that stalls their forward movement. An amazingly powerful feeling, fear frequently underscores our ability to take the next step, to go after what we really want in life.

If you’re faced with fears, such as: not being able to provide for your family, fear of what others will say, fear of not knowing enough, fear that no one will buy what you’re selling, or even fear of success, together we can identify strategies to help you break through these barriers.

Many fears are illusions we’ve erected ourselves. We’re often unaware of them until we articulate the roadblocks that impede our goals. I help you weigh your professional roadblocks and identify what it takes to climb over them.

More on Roadblocks & Fears
Fears can show themselves in various ways, such as follow-up hesitation when pursuing a new job opportunity, for fear of being perceived as annoying; declining a speaking opportunity for fear of sounding ridiculous in front of your peers; or not speaking up in a meeting when you have strong contradicting information, due to the fear of offending others or being permanently labeled as the naysayer.

The list is endless, but one thing is clear: Fears impede far-reaching careers and life fulfillment.

What’s also clear is that strategies exist that can be woven into your daily life to help you minimize doubt and go on to experience your full potential.


To make change, first increase your awareness. – SS

Millennial Leadership Strategies

Millennials & GenXs

Strengthening Your Presence and Leadership Skills

Today, there are more Millennials in the workforce than any age group. As a Millennial or young GenX, you face unique challenges, including providing leadership to people much older than you. I guide you through obtaining greater professional recognition and respect, particularly from those a great deal older than you.

I also help you:

  • Evolve your personal brand.
  • Enhance your credibility.
  • Diversify your mindset.
  • Empathize with those of varying ages, particularly individuals in their 40s, 50s and 60s.
  • Defy intimidation.

Ultimately, I help you gain greater respect as a leader through improved listening, face-to-face communication and collaboration skills. The latter are vital skills whether you seek a higher leadership position or desire to win more business.

Fostering Authentic Leaders

True genuineness strengthens both professional and personal lives.

Successful leaders possess a high level of authenticity. The latter spurs strong relationships that lead to increased revenue through partnerships and the ability to motivate others. Growing your authenticity begins with understanding how you project yourself when you’re with others, both verbally and nonverbally. Through exploration of your past and current experiences, we’ll extract your current level of authenticity and then create initial and long-term steps to help you establish stronger relationships.

It’s never my intent to find you doing things wrong. Instead, I seek to help you find more receptive approaches.

Changing Minds
There is scientific information available today that suggests effective approaches to changing another’s mind. If you’re in a position of needing to – get people on board – to further your cause, we can intertwine some of these humanistic strategies to help you reach your goals.

Amplifying Leadership Through Digital Beliefs
Leading an agile team or organization requires cross-functional digital integration within all channels, including: marketing, sales, customer service, product development and more.

My role is to help you expand your thought process in relation to your customers’ complete journey, enabling you to create a stronger value proposition.


Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. — C. S. Lewis

Trusted & Confidential Partner
I take great pride in upholding the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality with all clients. Your thoughts, ideas and struggles will always remain just between the two of us. No exceptions.

Accountability — You & I
I’ll push back on you and hold you accountable for the goals and timelines you set. I’ll call you out when you’re not being real. My overall goal is to provide support and accountability while we work together on defining and implementing your road to success.

My mainstay is to help you experience measurable results from our meetings, as well as reach the pinnacle of your personal and professional goals during today’s era of accelerating change and digital magnification.


I commit to being professional while being brutally honest. My goal is to get you to your destination. — SS

BA in economics, a minor in speech and an MBA

In my spare time, I’m with my two children, Abby (16) and Max (12). Generally, we can be found either on the ski slopes, basketball court or softball field. I’m also an avid runner.

My greatest pet peeve: Parents who coach their kids from the sidelines; in particular, those who shout out, “Oh come on, you can do better than that!” This type of “encouragement” destroys a child’s heart and diminishes their self-worth.

Your Goals Are My Goals
I’m extremely thankful to spend my days doing exactly what I want to be doing, helping aspiring professionals, leaders and small business owners like you to reach your full potential. I possess an inherent drive to succeed, waking each morning driven by a passion to achieve my goals. I bring this mindset to each and every client meeting.

First Meeting Expectations
Our first meeting is very much an exploration of your current situation, as compared to where you’d like to be. In this initial meeting, we’ll explore your goals and challenges in detail, and begin to identify and prioritize steps to help you accomplish your objectives.

Meeting Frequency & Location
Our coaching can take place on the phone, video or in-person. Typically, I meet with clients no less than once a month. Generally, I’m available Monday through Thursday, between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST. For those seeking an extended long-term relationship, I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule.

My physical office is conveniently located at: 35 Village Road, Suite 100 in Middleton, Massachusetts. Easily accessible from Routes 1 and 114 as well as Interstate 95.


Sharron got me centered and ready to share the best I have to offer my clients, colleagues, and country.

– Jennifer Gale Jones, financial advisor


I offer three levels of pricing, including:

  • An initial, one-time, 30-minute phone coaching consultation for $79

  • By the Session, includes: 50-minute meeting (phone/video/in-person) — $175 per session [Or $150 per session when you prepay for three sessions.]

  • By the Month, includes: Bi-weekly, 30-minute meeting (phone/video/in-person), unlimited email check-ins, brief as-needed calls and a single monthly one-page action plan summary — $600 per month [Or $500 per month when you prepay for three months.]

For business owners, executives and directors, you may share your 30-minute meeting times with an employee, business partner or similar. For example, I would meet with you once a month for 30 minutes, and then your employee for your second 30-minute time block.

Refund Policy
I do not offer refunds for completed or missed appointments.

Customized Coaching Programs for Employers
Employees often struggle daily with life’s challenges and obstacles. I’m available to provide one-on-one life coaching for your employees at your place of business, as well as business coaching for your managers, directors and executives. This service makes for a highly-personalized employee perk. Please contact me for a custom quote.

Please Note
I’m an independent communications professional possessing 20+ years of business acumen. When appropriate, I refer clients to other highly experienced professionals. I have longstanding relationships with: business and estate attorneys, licensed therapists, wealth managers and other specialists.

Are You Settling?

Most people settle early on in life. Have you, or do you seek more? If you desire more for yourself, then I can help you plan the actions that’ll propel you to where you want to be. But first, it’s important for you to know this one certainty…

At times, you’ll fail; yet it’s these very failures you must experience in order to extract the lessons that lead to clarity and catapult you to success.

Until you’re able to embrace failure, you’ll always settle for less.

Experience More Opportunities & Increase Life Fulfillment

Schedule an Initial 30-Minute Coaching Session for Only $79

If you don’t find a convenient time on my schedule, please contact me and we’ll find some time that best works for you.