If you’re a small business owner seeking affordable and practical ways to grow your business; keep reading …

Below you’ll find 7 small business marketing consulting services and information resources provided and created by Marketing Consultant Sharron Senter.

Sharron’s Definition of a Small Business Owner:

You’re likely either a sole proprietor, a two-person partnership or you operate a business with less than 10 employees.

Ultimately, you’re the boss and you’re probably working in your business. You pay the bills. Any money you spend on your business comes directly out of your pocket. Thus, all marketing initiatives you undertake need to make an immediate and positive impact on your bottom-line. You probably have a low tolerance for marketing fluff.

Almost certainly, you’re a self-starter and self-directed. You, and only you, must motivate yourself to get to work every day. You may also be driven by a deep desire to provide for your family. In reality, you don’t require motivation; rather, your aspirations drive you.

You’re your own cheerleader; rarely does anyone congratulate you on a job well done. However, during the occasional instance of praise (usually it’s a customer telling you how great you are), you relish momentarily, and then quickly move on to the next task.

Ultimately, there is no paycheck at the end of the week for you. Most others can’t comprehend this, but you do. You may struggle with this at times; however, you also understand that taking well-planned financial risks spurs business growth.

You possess an instinctiveness that drives you to continuously promote your business so that you may generate an income.

What you do with this hard earned income is also up to you.

While there is much more to you, by now you’re either relating to this message or not. If you are, then you’ll connect with my marketing ideas and consulting approach that follows.



Quote - I'm passionate about helping small businesses

After working with Sharron for many years on countless of projects, she has shown tremendous professionalism, efficiency, and conscientiousness. These traits along with her creative input and aspiration for quality on a budget make it a pleasure to collaborate with her.

Kai Siang Toh -designer, www.kaisiangtoh.com

Here are 7 marketing moves you can take now to increase revenue:

#1 – SIGN UP for My Free Monthly Marketing Tip
It’s always written with your customers’ needs in mind. My tips are genuine and detailed.

#2 – DOWNLOAD a Small Business Marketing eBook or Special Report
I outline marketing strategies that help you create sustainable business momentum that ultimately leads to an increase in cash flow. All of my eBooks are $3.99 or less, are sold at Amazon, and can be read on most electronic devices, including your smartphone and tablet. What’s more, I’ve written more than 12 special marketing reports (PDF format, downloadable from my website) exclusively for small business owners.

My most popular special reports include:

#3 – READ My Reviews of Excellent Marketing & Business Books!
Save yourself time. Follow my ongoing quest to find the most stimulating, practical and helpful marketing books that small business owners like you can truly learn from and apply the information to help you grow your business.

#4 – SCHEDULE a 1-On-1 Marketing Consultation (in-person, phone or video chat)
Step outside your current habits, expectations and conceptions. Receive a second opinion based on my 20+ years of marketing communications experience. Together, we’ll develop a marketing plan and activity calendar that works for your lifestyle and budget.

I’ve been an independent marketing consultant since 2000, while simultaneously co-owning a computer networking and security company for eight years before selling it. At its largest, we had 10 team members. Whether you’re a sole proprietor or have employees and contractors, I understand your obligations and time limitations. What’s more, if you have a business partner, I understand the added navigation that brings.

#5 – CHECK OUT my FREE 12 Month Marketing Plan Template and Calendar 
I’ve created a free sample marketing plan that almost any small business can follow to build sales momentum and increase profits. It also includes a promotional calendar identifying key holidays and other events.

#6 – USE My Persuasive Writing Skills to Grow Your Business 
The content marketing channel is a necessity for almost all small businesses. Even if someone is referred to you, they almost always still Google your business to find out more about you.

What will they discover when they do?

My copywriting and content marketing services help you distinguish yourself from your competition while providing relevant and compelling information about your products and services. I follow ethical and best-practice copywriting standards, and always present your business in a professional manner. Learn more…

#7 – ATTEND a Marketing Presentation
Throughout the year, I facilitate a variety of digital and in-person seminars and workshops. Learn about upcoming events on my latest news page.

My most important marketing tip:
Decide on four or five marketing initiatives. Do them well, and do them over and over again. Leave flash-in-the-pan ideas, tools, apps, social channels and other unproven strategies to someone else – until you can clearly see the opportunity for sustainable revenue.


Thank you for making the Thurlow Wealth Management brochure an easy process for us. We are so happy with the final piece! You made the process fun and thoughtful… from asking us the right questions, getting to know us, the company and our mission. Your attention to detail was phenomenal. We could not have done it without you. Thank you again for helping us offer a professional marketing piece we can be proud of for a very long time.

Caprice Thurlow -business development manager, www.thurlowwealthmanagement.com


As a business owner, swamped with daily demands, one of the huge attributes of Sharron of Senter & Associates is her laser focus on the best marketing processes for my business. She doesn’t want to waste my time or her own. She stays current on marketing practices that ultimately increase my revenues, her goal and mine. YES, she too is invested in my business!

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By the way … You’re doing a great job; keep at it! Perseverance is the backbone of small business growth.