Excellent Small Business Books to Read

The following publications are definitely worthy of your time if you’re looking to increase revenue!


Recently, I began a quest to find business and marketing books that truly help small business owners. What follows are my initial finds. Know that I’ve purchased and read each one cover to cover. I promise not to recommend anything boring or impractical!

Gear Up for Summer Reading on the Beach

or Escaping Winter and Relaxing on a Cruise

Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence

by Gary Mack

Although written for athletes, the mind-controlling tips in this book will benefit any small business owner. I originally bought Mind Gym to see if I could score some helpful strategies for my daughter who plays softball. But after reading it, I was blown away by Mack’s mind-influencing knowledge and the fluid writing, making it an easy, resourceful read.

Two of my favorite comments by Mack include:

#1 — The mind works most effectively when you’re telling it what to do rather than what not to do.

#2 — Goal setting is a way of bringing the future into the present so you can take action now.



Here’s the thing, if you can learn to control your thoughts, then you’ll intensify your ability to make more money. Also, Mind Gym is packed with inspirational quotes by famous athletes, making it a home run for entrepreneurs who enjoy professional sports. Excellent Read!


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101 Ways to Open a Speech: How to Hook Your Audience From the Start With an Engaging and Effective Beginning

by Brad Phillips

101 Ways to Open A Speech Book CoverWith so much on our plates, small business owners are often unprepared when presented with the opportunity to make a short speech. Yet, these brief speaking opportunities are all around us, i.e., you’re invited to give a 10-minute talk about your business at a chamber of commerce event. Or, perhaps you’re on a sales call and unexpectedly the entire executive suite shows up for your presentation.

This is Phillips’ second book, and just like his first (below) he writes in a clear, straightforward fashion. 101 Ways to Open a Speech is an easy, smooth read, broken up into 101 mini chapters, with each chapter detailing just one type of speech opening — making it easy to pick up and put down for time-constrained entrepreneurs.

Note, that while he uses the term “speech” the reality is that a lot of these “opening” strategies can be applied in every day presentations and meetings. I’m certain you’ll find a handful of approaches that’ll fit your personality. Remember, first impressions are hard to reverse. Phillips effectively coaches you on how to look good from the moment you stand up in front of a small or large group. My favorite is #32: The Startling Statement Open. I highly recommend this book. Excellent Read!




Conversationally Speaking: Tested New Ways to Increase Your Personal and Social Effectiveness

by Alan Garner

An effortless read, Alan Garner does a wonderful job providing a plethora of useful examples on how to facilitate effective conversations so that people will keep talking with you.

Garner describes how to put people at ease and how to ask specific questions that promote conversation.

Conversationally Speaking is definitely worth anyone’s time who needs to start or keep a conversation going, e.g., salesperson, consultant, vendor/supplier, small business owner of any kind, parent, husband/wife, etc. Excellent Read!






Contagious: Why Things Catch On

by Jonah Berger

Contagious, Why Things Catch On Book Cover


If you’re looking to inspire people to talk more about you or your business, then apply the well-researched strategies outlined by Jonah Berger. Detailed, extremely interesting and packed with examples, Berger explains the science behind social transmission and why some products and services are shared more than others.

When you apply his 6-step framework (Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value and Stories) to your marketing (without spending more), information about your products and services will likely spread substantially. Berger explains how and why. Excellent Read!






The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need To Know Before Your Next Interview

by Brad Phillips

The Media Training Bible Book Cover


Thorough and easy-to-read, Brad Phillips does an incredible job simplifying the steps involved when working with the media. He covers ground rules for working with reporters, how to interview and answer tough questions, as well as how to alter your approach depending on the type of media, e.g., print, social media, TV, etc.

As a small business owner, you are the spokesperson for your business. Phillips does a great job at preparing you for dealing with the media so that you may represent your business in the best possible light. Excellent Read!






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