The One Question Financial Advisory Prospects Want Answered

Whether you’re providing financial advice to a married couple, executive, small business owner or a large entity, financial advisory prospects ultimately want the answer to one question.

It’s this…

How will the relationship work?

Surprisingly, most advisory websites don’t answer this question.

To fix this problem, expand your copy by answering the following questions:

How will you…

– Charge Me (Excellent example here.)

– Invest My Money

– Store My Money

– Help Me Define My Risk Tolerance

– Understand What to Expect, i.e., Returns vs. Volatility

– Reply to My Questions Responsively

– Safeguard My Money in Choppy Markets

– Protect & Manage My Personal Information

– Limit Access to My Money, i.e., Can your admin log into my financial accounts?

– Determine Who Services My Account, i.e., Will you be my advisor or dish me off?

– Address Cyber Security & Identity Theft

– Make Me Money

– Save Me Money

– Backfill Your Services When You Retire, Die, etc. (Solo advisors need to answer this question)

– Provide Value Where Other Advisors Don’t

– Guide Me Through Spending Money Upon My Retirement

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Here’s the thing, when a prospect contacts you, they’re assuming you’re qualified.

Therefore, there’s only one remaining factor keeping them from selecting you as their advisor. Specifically, they need to know: How will the relationship work?

This is important…

Many people are uncomfortable asking the above questions, placing the responsibility on you. If your prospects don’t receive the complete picture of how the two of you will work together, it’s unlikely you’ll go on to manage their assets.

Ultimately, what prospects really want to know is: How will you behave?

In Closing

Prospects have assumptions. It’s your job to increase the positive validations they make about you. To do so, provide details within your marketing copy. For example: I respond to clients within 24 hours; We’re fee-only and charge one percent of AUM; Founded in 1946, Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions is the firm we use for clearing and custody of our clients’ assets.

Providing details increases the believability of your claims.

Most advisory websites describe their products and services, yet often offer few details, e.g., We provide financial planning and wealth management services. Instead, this should be rewritten to: For the past 20 years, ABC Financial has been providing financial planning and wealth management services to more than 85 accomplished individuals and families residing in the Greater Boston area.

The former is simply too generic. Frankly, if your website isn’t generating high-quality leads that translate to increased AUM, then your marketing copy is ineffective.

Finally, if you need help writing your marketing copy, contact me. I’ve been working as a freelance financial services writer for the past eight years and as a marketing consultant since 2000. I understand your target audience(s). In fact, part of my daily reading ritual is understanding wealthy and emerging-affluent investors’ emotional and lifestyle trends, enabling me to encapsulate their motivations within advisors’ marketing copy.

This article is just a sampling of my reading: Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennials on Key Social and Political Issues. (The very people to whom the world’s wealthiest are leaving a flood of money.)

Before You Go…

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