When Business Suddenly Slows Down Always Look Here For Answers

When business suddenly slows down, check these two key operational functions to ensure customers can reach you.

#1 — Broken Voicemail

For whatever reason, sometimes voicemail systems fail without your knowledge. Therefore, create a reminder to check your voicemail no less than once a month. Literally, call your business phone number and leave a message. Then check your voicemail to make sure the message arrived.

Here are some broken items that you may catch during the process:

  • Outdated greeting from your last vacation. Guilty! 🙂
  • New staff member missing from the phone directory.
  • Phone is connected to a fax line.
  • Forwarding phone numbers are no longer forwarding.

It’s amazing where you can find lost revenue when you take a moment to look around your business.

#2 — Website is Down

I consider myself an organized and responsible professional. Now that I’ve said this, even the most capable people make dumb mistakes.

Here’s mine…

Recently, I visited my website and was blown away by the fact that my site wasn’t there anymore. In its place was some sort of placeholder with various links to information that had nothing to do with me. I immediately submitted a trouble ticket with my hosting company claiming that my site had been hacked. Their response was mortifying; it read: Your site has not been hacked. Your domain name has expired.

Clearly, my renewal reminder procedure was ineffective. The easiest solution is to let it auto renew, but I like a bit more control over the process. I’ve since given up on that control and opted for auto renew. HOWEVER, even this isn’t fail safe. Specifically, credit cards expire and reminder emails from hosting and domain name companies get stuck in spam filters or don’t arrive at all.

What are your protocols to avoid such mishaps?

Finally, consider using your monthly phone/Internet bill as the trigger to make sure all is working.

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