Why Every Small Business Owner Needs This Book

Why Every Small Business Owner Needs This Book

Every Small Business Owner Needs This Book

As part of my quest to find business and marketing books that truly help small business owners, I came across a great one written by media and presentation trainer Brad Phillips. It’s called: The Media Training Bible: 101 Things You Absolutely, Positively Need to Know Before Your Next Interview.

As a small business owner, you are the spokesperson for your business.

Therefore, it’s vital to equip yourself with basic knowledge regarding how to handle the media, including preparing for and managing a media crisis (such as an angry customer).

For Example:

Suppose you own a small auto repair shop, and a customer takes to your community’s Facebook page, posting negative comments about their recent experience with your shop.

Are you prepared to handle this in the best way?

By following Phillips’ advice, you’ll do better than if you were going it alone. Let’s face it, customers can be brutal with their digital commentary when they’re annoyed with you.

What’s more, anything you post online can easily be forwarded, taking on a life of its own. You can minimize this happening to your business by being more purposeful with your public-facing communications.

Furthermore, Phillips does a great job of preparing you for dealing with the media by simplifying the steps involved. He covers ground rules for working with reporters, how to interview and answer tough questions, as well as how to alter your approach depending on the media type, e.g., print, social, TV, etc.

His book is easy to pick up where you left off, since he breaks it up into eight sections consisting of 101 mini chapters. Also, I felt like he was sitting directly across from me while I was reading.

Most small business owners can’t afford to hire a consultant of Phillips’ caliber. Yet, we can afford to buy his book! It’s an excellent read.

Find it here on Amazon.

P.S. Brad did not compensate me or give me his book for this review. Instead, I purchased his book and truly thought it was informative and helpful.

P.P.S. Here’s another review on my site of another book small business owners should read.

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Sharron Senter works with small business owners who are committed to investing in their businesses, as well as with marketing and business development executives who need support from a marketing professional that is accountable, self-directed and sales-focused.

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