Why This One Skill Creates a Guaranteed Revenue Stream

Are you a consultant or service provider looking to create a guaranteed revenue stream? Then try this…

Take just a moment and reflect back on the past few weeks of your life. Was there a moment when you just wanted to be heard? You weren’t necessarily looking for feedback or advice; rather, you just wanted to talk and have someone listen?

If you have, and my gut tells me that you probably have, then let’s take a small leap and assume that many of your clients feel the same way. What’s more, this feeling of not being heard seems to be escalating. Case-in-point: How many times have you been talking to someone and they’re nodding their head, sometimes adding an “aha,” all the while looking at their phone? This one cultural habit is intensifying your clients’ need to be heard. Thus, clients crave your attention because rarely is anyone truly listening to them.

Therefore, the next time you’re looking to increase revenue from a particular client, without spending any money, listen with empathy.

For example:

While listening to your client, try and walk in their shoes. Forget about what you think about their situation. Instead, ask yourself how you would feel if you were them. If you truly want to understand your customers and prospects, you need to put your own thoughts and assumptions aside and really listen. Once you do, you’ll learn more about their problems, fears and dreams.

Then, two things happen…

  1. Your clients feel heard, and since they can rarely go elsewhere and experience this, you’ll retain them for life, a.k.a. guaranteed income!
  2. You now have the necessary information to spot additional revenue opportunities.

For a small business owner to quickly increase revenue, you must put your own assumptions and experiences aside, and focus exclusively on your clients’ and prospects’ behaviors and feedback. Once you understand what’s bothering them, you can now provide the solution. However, use caution. If we’re really listening in an empathetic way, then we’re not creating solutions right then and there. To do so, would mean that you stopped listening. Therefore, depending on the sensitivity of a conversation, some solutions should be presented at another time.


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